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Joining The Workforce

60's stuff 04

I did this drawing in early 1970; having graduated from college, just gotten married and finding myself having to work for a living.  Needless to say, I never really got into the ‘working’ thing, and considered it all a major inconvenience.  I ended up having a “career”, but never thought of my sojourn in Corrections a career as such, but rather a job I held for a long, long time.

Boys Will Be Boys

8-15-13 002When I was a little boy, I couldn’t wait till I grew up and became a man.  Because being a man meant you could eat all the ice cream ya wanted, have potato chips whenever ya felt like it, and could stay up till 11:00 and see all the good shows on TV.

Well, I’m a man now, and rarely eat potato chips, think ice cream is too fattening and am usually in bed by 9:00 p.m.  Who would have thunk that? But one thing that’s remained constant in my life, and the lives of all men, is the love they have for their toys.  I still have my Lionel trains, and an HO set too.  Wished I wouldn’t have thrown away all my Mad magazines from the 50’s, but now have number 1 through 100 digitally on my computer to look at whenever I feel the urge, like when eating a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled over it and potato chips crumbled on the top.

Most of the music I listen to is from the 60’s (which I have on vinyl), or from the 50’s (which I have on original 45’s).  All the stuff that was fun as a kid, is still fun now. I guess the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.

Letting Go

letting go 009

Okay.  Here’s two fairly recent drawings.   Don’t ask me for any deep insight as to meaning or metaphor.  Probably ain’t none there.  I’m just having some fun letting it flow.  Kinda like letting go.

Letting go is a pretty hard thing to do.  Some say it’s the key to enlightenment.  I guess the hardest part of letting go, is doing without something that you were holding on to, and letting it go forever.  Once ya truly let go, there’s no coming back.  It’s gone!  Adios forever.

Painful as that may seem to be, it can be a good thing.  Holding onto things that serve no useful purpose, don’t work for ya anymore, or are just downright hurtful only results in suffering.  I got a lot of things I would like to let go of.  But the problem is: I might need them sometime in the future.

letting go 010

My Dark Side

more numbers 024

Sometimes I think, “How much of myself do I wanna share on this Blog?” I’ve shared a lot from my happy side, usually just after taking my medication.  So most of the time you get a full dose of Hansi.

But there is a dark side to Hansi.  It’s pretty much like the happily medicated side, but you can’t see anything cause the lights are off.  Of course, I could hand out flash-lights when exploring my dark side.  Then you wouldn’t go wondering around bumping into things or stubbing your toe, which usually hurts like hell, makes ya scream obscenities, with ya ending up hopping around on your good foot, crashing into even more stuff.  Or worse yet, jumping into a pile of something disgusting you were just too damn lazy to sweep up earlier. Which is like double Karma coming back to haunt ya.

Well enough of that dark side stuff.  Boy was I glad I had a flashlight to help me see while over there.  Wasn’t that bad.

The Dog Channel

8-15-13 001I shit you not!  My satellite T V provider just added The Dog Channel.  A channel for dogs…to watch!  I thought, Wow!  What a bunch of bullshit.  Someone at Direct TV has spent a little too much time on the Drug Channel.

Well, I had to check this out, and for sure, it was for dogs (and not old ones like myself), programmed with slow moving scenes of dogs walking, sitting or resting on park benches, accompanied by some mellow nondescript music.  Almost meditative in nature.  This old dog liked it.  Bow wow.

But it got me to thinkin’.  With all these shots of dogs laying around enjoying a dog-day afternoon, just what weren’t they showing?  I didn’t see any scenes of dogs chewing up furniture, biting the mailman, or taking a dump on someones lawn.  No shots of dogs sniffing each others butts and peeing on everything in sight. And oh yeah, no doggie sex (they do have a style unto their own).  Maybe dogs aren’t voyeuristic.  Hard to tell if another dog is in heat if ya can’t smell them.  So instead of being a little hottie ready to trot, that other pooch Fido is wathchin’ looks just like the rest of the canines featured, with sappy idiotic looking expressions on their faces.

Pretty wild stuff (tame actually – don’t want to be encouraging any antisocial dog behavior.)  But it eventually became boring, with a lot of the scenes shown over and over again.

I wonder if dogs know when they’re watching a rerun?  Bet they wished they had opposable thumbs so they could work the remote.

“How’s Your Day Going So Far?”

8-15-13 006

“How’s your day going so far?” asks just about every clerk I do business with these days.  Usually I reply something like, “Just fine”, knowing that they have to ask and engage the customer with the hopes of me buying something more from them.  But one of these times I’m gonna reply, “I’ve been fighting inner demons all day and don’t know who’s winning or loosing, so I’m barely able to function in an appropriate manner.”

Heart Beat

8-9-13 001

Heart beat pounding

Something astounding resounding.

Life flowing through my veins,

Careful not to leave any stains.

Coursing freely without any reins,

Makes me wonder, if I have any brains pains.

See I can write poetry too.  I’m not just a one dimensional drawer of crude pictures.  The key to successful poetry is to have plenty of rhymes, one for every line, at least most of the time.  If not, that’s just fine.

Washing Your Brain

brain washing

I did a post about Brainwashing a while back.  You know what “Brainwashing” was, it was when the Commies got a hold of ya and tweaked your mind to make you do things un-American.  Well, I never got brainwashed, put I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap a few times.  So if washing someones mouth out with soap can get them to stop using bad words, then maybe washing someones brain can get them to stop thinking bad thoughts.  Neither one has had any lasting effect on me however.

Something Old

pencil man

Well, I’ve totally run out of drawings, and have drawn everything there is possible to draw, so I’m backing off a bit with the art stuff.  I don’t want to force something that isn’t there.  Don’t want the frustration, nor do I want to expend the energy.  You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Get an A for effort.”  In my case I’m getting an F for effort.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I just lay around the house all day doin’ nothing.  Nope!  I putter with things, tend to my gardening and work-out at the gym four days a week.  But more so, I’m finding myself hurrying through these activities so I can lay around the rest of the day and not do jack shit.

Interestingly, while my body is in total sloth mode, my mind is till fairly active and my imagination going full blast. (Sure wish my bladder could go full blast).  Therefore….I’ve decided to post some of my older drawings, but with new commentary and rants.  So if you’ve seen one of these before, close your eyes and just read the writing.

7-14-13 003

I didn’t put a title in the green space above, cause I wanted to see what not having a title would look like.  I was thinking of going so far as to write no words, but then ya wouldn’t know why it was untitled.

Take A Haircut

Note:  This is one of my early posts from over two years ago.  Yeah I know that’s cheating; kinda like re-blogging someone else post except it’s your own.  So, some of it is dated, but the rest is brand new, especially if you’ve never seen it before, and are not just spacing out with acute short term memory loss.

There’s a new term out there that I hate; Oops, extremely dislike (I’m not a Hater), that appears to have come from Wall Street. “Take A Haircut” is the latest euphemism out there to cloud and defuse the true meaning of what’s really going on. Take A Haircut basically means: suffer a severe financial loss. Such as in: “Investors in Irish banks may have to take a haircut in order to deal with the solvency problems facing the Nation.”  Read: you’re gonna lose your money. It used to mean that one would Get A Haircut in an attempt to look better, a relatively painless experience. Women Have their Hair Cut; but when it comes to unwanted facial or bodily hair, have a Wax Job. Now this makes hair removal a more painful experience, especially if you’re having a Bikini Wax. (I guess a well pruned hedge is preferred to an over-grown bush). Furthermore, if someone is taking a haircut; that means someone must be giving the haircut. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the giver, tonsorially, is gonna have less hair removed than the taker. To advance clarity in the language, I think this expression should be scrapped in favor of something a little more explicit, after all it is your money we’re talking about. “ We gonna “Wax Your Ass” pretty much tells it like it is in my opinion.

While I got a good head of steam goin’, there’s one more term I can’t stand: “Off-load”. Although not used so much today, “Off-load” was quite chic amongst the Yuppie crowd a few years back, and most often employed while listening to soft jazz or New Age music. Give me a break! There’s either Load or Unload, not On and Off Load. What a Load of shit. And speaking of load of shit, proper usage is “I’m gonna unload a pick-up truck full of shit and put it my garden”, not off-load a pick-up full of shit. Now there are appropriate variations of the word load. Down-load and Get a load I find acceptable: “I’ve Down-loaded some funny ass shit ” or “ I got Loaded on some really good shit”, are good examples.

Well. These are just a couple things that really bug me. I don’t mean to Un-load on you, but rest assured, I’ll never Off-load on you.

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