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Joining The Workforce

60's stuff 04

I did this drawing in early 1970; having graduated from college, just gotten married and finding myself having to work for a living.  Needless to say, I never really got into the ‘working’ thing, and considered it all a major inconvenience.  I ended up having a “career”, but never thought of my sojourn in Corrections a career as such, but rather a job I held for a long, long time.


Comments on: "Joining The Workforce" (14)

  1. Definitely like the style on this drawing, and yeah, I’ve found increasingly that “careers” are not all that they’re cracked up to be. One of the few things that keep me sane in the course of the work/slave/grind day are my bike commutes and pushing a pen around in a sketchbook.

  2. I graduated in 1971. I failed a few courses so it took me a little longer than most to get through. I was a freshman in 1896.

  3. you make me scratch my head. I assume that’s a plus.

  4. Fab drawing! It really captures the feeling of being at work, esp the pipe going nowhere.

  5. Shows your outstanding ability from an early time……

  6. Yup. Careers keep the roof over your head, art feeds your soul 🙂

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