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Something Old

pencil man

Well, I’ve totally run out of drawings, and have drawn everything there is possible to draw, so I’m backing off a bit with the art stuff.  I don’t want to force something that isn’t there.  Don’t want the frustration, nor do I want to expend the energy.  You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Get an A for effort.”  In my case I’m getting an F for effort.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I just lay around the house all day doin’ nothing.  Nope!  I putter with things, tend to my gardening and work-out at the gym four days a week.  But more so, I’m finding myself hurrying through these activities so I can lay around the rest of the day and not do jack shit.

Interestingly, while my body is in total sloth mode, my mind is till fairly active and my imagination going full blast. (Sure wish my bladder could go full blast).  Therefore….I’ve decided to post some of my older drawings, but with new commentary and rants.  So if you’ve seen one of these before, close your eyes and just read the writing.


Comments on: "Something Old" (14)

  1. That is a pretty good pic.

  2. Know the issue for sure. I’m a bit tired of my own ranting. Said it all, ten times over.

    • Yeah, that does seem to happen, so a change is needed sometimes, like a walk with your dog in the New Mexico high desert. 🙂


  3. Ever wondered why report cards go A, B, C, D, F? What happened to E?

  4. An old one maybe, but a great one.

  5. Don’t stick a pencil in him; he ain’t done yet!

  6. There’s always the pencil dagger on Hot Dog Man!

  7. Nothing wrong with recycling older work, you can bring a new perspective to it.

    • That’s true, a fresh look at something old is like seeing it for the first time again.


  8. Well this would certainly give one writer’s block.

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