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About These Drawings

The coolest thing about drawing is that you can save them in actual (not virtual) paper books, commonly known to us in the business as sketch pads, and open them when ya want to and look at them.   That’s sorta, in a metaphorical way, what I’m doing here.   I often like to draw small little sketches, and because I’m a cheap bastard, put them on one page to save money.  It’s also my way of whipping-out little ‘mini paintings’ I can crank out in 15 minutes.  The reason I keep any drawing to 15 minutes ( 17 minutes if I’m on a roll ) is I’m often times afflicted with  short term memory loss due to the medication I take nightly.  Which, by the way, is now totally legal and for sale in California.  Only bummer is: most cities and local municipalities have banned sales so ya have to drive down to havens of trash like the San Fernando Valley to score to purchase some.  It is “The Valley” which also happily, supplies us with all our pornographic needs.   Disgusting!  Thank God we have a moral leader in this country (which gets greater on a daily basis) who would never indulge in such filth.

One day I accidentally screwed-up and took a double dose of medicine (forgetfulness is one of its side affects – which is not necessarily a bad thing as more and more there’s more things that I’d like to forget than keep in the front of my mind).  Any way….I got this big flash!  What if I somehow tied together artistically all these separate drawings done on separate days to make one whole cohesive skater-brained composition?  Pretty wild.


So with the help of some cheap high school level art tricks I’ve been able to take ball-point pen and colored pencils to new heights.

Blogging and Bullshit

          100_3381 (4)

I stopped blogging way back in 2015 after I started thinking that this whole blogging business is was a total bunch of bullshit.   But upon reflection – a few years later – I think it was fun bullshit. (Every thing is a matter of degrees.  There’s felony bullshit, and misdemeanor bullshit.  Mine is kinda like an infraction: you can get fined but no jail time.)  Come to think of it, this whole Hansi’s Hallucinations is bullshit.  It’s content is bullshit, publishing it is bullshitting, and it’s consumption (your part) makes one therefore, to become full of bullshit.

Anyway, all bullshitting aside, the reason I’m posting after all this time  is because I met a real-live person, who wasn’t a relative who politely checked out my blog only to find it crude and disgusting, who was a follower.  My thirty eight year old son finally got married and invited a friend who’d actually made comments and all that.  Trippy…I know.  Hard to believe that behind all that folks out there blogging, there’s a real living person (wish I would’ve know that earlier).


He encouraged me to post again.  I hadn’t stop drawing, in fact I’ve been doing quite a lot, so here ya go.  While not Total bullshit, they do have an odor of steer manure.  Also don’t read too much into the subject matter, it’s just a vehicle for me to play with color, line shading and volume.  If you think I this stuff is in anyway erotic or suggestive, well…You’ve got a Dirty mind.  And shame on you for your phallic obsessions and please keep your filthy thoughts to yourself.


Oh yeah…. Sorry for using the word shit so much…it is kinda gross.  But since our President has used it publicly, especially when describing foreign countries,  I feel the door has been opened and  bullshit normalized, for he does set the standard, especially for our Youth.

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