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I don’t know about you, but I feel a whole lot less angry, pissed-off, and up-tight now that The Donald is no longer president. And another thing, I don’t feel like everything is gonna turn to shit anymore, and that maybe even things will be better. Maybe I’ve got my head in the sand, or worse yet up a bodily orifice: H U A – head up ass. My head’s been in both places over the years, but still I’m more positive than negative and have a lot less gloomy outlook on life. I’ve yet to achieve anal penetration with my head as have a whole lotta folks on the extreme Right (not to be confused with or taken as, Correct).

I’m sick of the ‘culture wars’ and just wanna live and let live. Sadly the honey-moon in Washington looks like it’s already over, and things will get back to normal. Like a silent but deadly fart, the influence of Donald is still fresh in the GOP, with there being no shortage of mad-dogs rushing to take his place [I especially like that cute blond one – she’s crazier than shit]. Oh well. Things are going back to normal. I don’t thing I wanna do a head-sphincter thing. I’ll just look for some sand and bury my head in it 🙂

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  1. I’m already forgetting the anxiety levels from before the inauguration the way your body refuses to hold onto the memory of horrible pain, but I’m still mentally walking on eggshells as the Republicans continue trying to fuck up everything good in life. I’m really afraid of what bullshit they’ll enable next.

    • I know what ya mean.  I thought the Republicans would have an “Ah Ha” moment and wake up to the error of their ways But nope.  They had a “Ha ha” moment: fooled ya again.

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