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black 003

S.O.S.  The Same Old Shit.  One of the big dangers of being fully retired with no intention of ever working another day in your life is:  doing the same ol’ shit.  You know.  The same thing every day.  Kinda like going to work and having a career (long term doing the same ol’ shit): eating at the same time every day, watching the same shows every night (Dancing With The Stars is on tonight – Oh boy!).  Every afternoon puttering around in the garden, reading, making a salad for dinner, eating, having a little ‘medication’, listen to old records for two hours, followed by watching some more bullshit on TV, and then it’s off to bed.  Sounds like a full day to me [I never found working for a living that damned fulfilling].

black 004bWell, as groovy as doing the same thing everyday is – and don’t get me wrong, when you got your day finely dialed in with all your favorite activities included, life don’t get much better than that.  It’s pretty cool.  But sometimes…I start to loose interest.  How can that be?  I’m doing all my favorite things, all the time, (I’m a firm believer in ‘If a little is good, a lot is better’).  Things start to get boring.

That’s exactly what happened to my drawing.  I found myself drawing the same thing (old shit) over and over again.  So I stopped.  That’s one way to get rid of a stubborn nagging problem; just quit (or leave her).  The worst part was, it affected my blogging.  Although this is not an art blog, my drawings always feature prominently.   Not that they are necessarily related to the verbiage: drawing is drawing and writing is writing, and never the twain shall meet.  But now I make an exception.  Here’s something new…on black paper.  Trippy, don’t cha think?

black 006


Black n White

3-21-15 001

Sometimes I sure wish everything was in black and white.  Maybe that’s why I’m hooked on old TV shows from the fifties and sixties.  A lot of that stuff was only in black and white.  It wasn’t until the late fifties that things started showing up in color.  “W0w!  I saw color TV” was the big push for RCA color sets.  Early color TV was a little cheezie, not like the high definition, mega pixel flat screens of today which are so clear you can see the hairs growing outta peoples noses.  [That’s something I gotta stay on top of every now and then or else there’s a virtual rain forest of hanging vines cascading from my nostrils.  No hairs in my ears yet – a sure sign you’re a full fledged geezer].

I wish things were simple like in the old TV shows.  The ‘good guys’ always won, and the bad guys always lost (you tell them cause they always wore black).  Doing the right thing always prevailed, like in The Rifleman, and those who didn’t usually ate shit (they were the sleazie looking guys who constantly looked over their shoulders).  Choices were easy; either black or white.  It’s when I became an adult, that I realized everything is a shade of grey.  Not like in the movie by that name, which was all about kinky sex and perverted relationships and still so poorly made that most found it boring despite being loaded with all that good stuff.

Nope.  There’s no black or white issues. Everything is a matter of opinion, or has a ‘spin’ on it, except the above drawings, they’re  in black n white., and without spin.



3-7-15 001

Just Drawing

1-10-15 002

Sometimes whilst enjoying my nightly ritual of altering  mind states, I like to sit and draw.  Whatever the old pen I stole from work puts down on paper I just go with and see what happens.  No dreaming up a bunch of unrelated verbiage to go along with it.  I don’t like to comment on my drawings.  They pretty much stand (or fall) on their own.  No need for explanation; they are what they are, but then again so is everything.

This isn’t a serious art blog.  Most of the time the verbiage and rants are what feature prominently and the drawings are thrown in as filler.  Sometimes the drawings are the main feature, and the verbiage is filler.  Like this post.

1-10-15 003

Listening To Music #2

1-10-15 005

This is what I drew while listening to Jimi Hendrix’s  “Cry of Love” and Chris Isaak’s “Blue Hotel” albums (on vinyl of course).  Sure was a lot of blues crying for love in those two hotels.  Chris Isaak can be be a bit depressing at times, what with his hauntingly mournful moans of lost love and relationships turning to shit (“Funeral in the rain” a case in point).  But, he has a great guitar player backing him up with a ton of reverb-laden licks.  Hendrix is always uplifting (‘excuse me while I kiss  the sky’).

This part, what you’re reading, is the afterglow, the drawing over with – a little pillow talk.  Sometimes after a particularly zesty session of drawing I’m exhausted.  Don’t wanna lay around and talk.  Just wanna get up, put on my clothes and get the hell outta here.

1-10-15 004


divel-fipps 003

A lot of times I’ll do these small, tiny, itsie-bitsie little drawings I call Divel-fipps.  I suppose I could call ’em small tiny little drawings done in ink and embellished with colored pencil, but for some reason I prefer Divel-fipps.  What’s in a name anyway?  A name lets ya know what something is, yet only in a limited superficial way.  One name can apply to many different individual things.

divel-fipps 005Donovan sang, “First there was a mountain, then there was no mountain, then there was.”  Pretty trippy mind-blowing stuff.  Best understood in a zen-like way.  When I first see a mountain, I think, “Oh, a mountain.”  When I take a closer look, I see rocks and boulders, trees and shrubs, gravel and a multitude of things including animals (and if the animals are in heat, you could even call it a ‘fucking mountain’).  The mountain is really an aggregate of things piled up on one another (including the animals if it’s that time of year) and unique unto itself, to which we affix a label and call  it a mountain.

The same thing goes for Divel-fipps.  First there was a Divel-fipp, then there was no Divel-fipp, then there was.

divel-fipps 004

Even More Thoughts

1-28-15 010

1.  There’s nothing better than feeling good.  Yep, there’s nothing better than feeling good…except feeling better.  What more can I say about that?  When it comes to feeling good or feeling better, I always choose feeling better.  Feeling good is good, but better is better.

2.    What’s in your mind affects your body.   What’s in your body also affects what’s in your mind  (this blog is living proof of that).   You gotta have a healthy mind in order to have a healthy body and visa-verse.  I prefer to live without fear (even though there’s a shit-load of scary-ass stuff out there to worry about), eat healthy home-grown foods and being content with what I have.

3.  Work your ass off, so you never have to work again.  That’s what Yahoo Finance is basically telling everybody who wants to retire some day.  Work longer, save, delay benefits, simplify your lifestyle, so you no longer have to do that anymore.  They rarely  tell ya what to do once ya get there, except to prepare for convalescent care in case life ends up so good that all ya do is lay around  shitting in your pants waiting to die.  Not two too bright a prospect.

4.  Always keep a positive attitude.   A negative mind-state will drain you.  A positive mind-state will constantly re-charge you.  That’s why I never watch Fox News.  Why dwell upon fear, paranoia and distrust?  Recently Bill Huckabee, former governor and conservative christian show host, said he thought a lot of the women hosts (hostesses?) on Fox looked “sleazy”.  Well no shit Huckaboo.  What do you expect from the network that brought us ‘Married With children’?  Probably one of the most sleaziest of sitcoms ever shown on television.  I used to watch our local Fox News weather tramp; hot as hell in a trashy sorta way; who cared about the weather.  One has to wonder why Fox as kept The Simpsons on for all these years?  I guess, despite all it’s social satire and swipes at conservative values, it’s because the show is a huge hit and making them tons of money; therefore conservative standards can be relaxed.

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