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Changing My Passwords

Everybody knows that it’s important to change your passwords every now and then. And I agree. God only knows that there’s bunch of hackers, spy-ware and just down-right thieves out there trying to steal your password and then everything ya got. The problem is, I got a shit-load of passwords. One for every account that requires one, and now a days, everything requires either a password, or pin number, or both. That’s a lotta useless information to keep in my ancient mind. Ya don’t wanna tape your list on the wall for fear it might get in the wrong hands and wipe ya out in one fell swoop. I kinda cheat and have one basic password with variations surrounded by numbers, Capitols letters characters and symbols such as the dollar $ign.

The other night I was trying to log-on to some TV account like Hulu or Netfix (got a shit-load of them too), and couldn’t get the exact password correct. I tried every variation I could remember (sure wished I had a list taped to the wall), and nothing. I was locked out after three attempts (they assume I’m a hacker instead of an old fart). I was getting pissed, and outta shear frustration yelled out “Fuck Me” I know…a lot of anger, impatience, with potty-mouth thrown in. This was getting ridiculous. Then I had a brief moment of clarity and came up with the perfect password which was both easy to remember expressed my feelings, was eight characters long with a capital letter, numeral and symbol:

fuckme &U2

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  1. Oh JEEBUS. You and me. My favorite recent incident was the “portal” (I have come to hate that word with the fury of a thousand suns) my county offers for paying taxes and utility bills. This happens at such infrequent intervals and they roll out a new “portal” so often that I am always forgetting the password or being told I have to create a new one, and the last time I said FINE I’LL TAKE YOUR RANDOMLY GENERATED ALPHABET SOUP PASSWORD and the site… rejected its own password. Twice.

    I think I used some variation on Fuck You too, but I’ve already forgotten it.

  2. I’ve got 2 pages of accounts Have them saved on my screen, my drop box , my google drive and 2 printed hard copies. Still run into problems. Some things like Social Security and Medicare and IRS, I do not go on line with an account because once you go paperless you are completely limited to that and if your computer and/or printed go off line problem with internet company or passwords you’re locked out and can’t get paper documents mailed to you any more. Gotta be able to get soc sec and Florida pension pater reg US mail 1099’s or can’t do taxes. Another problem is they want extra levels of verification and send code via text and I have no smart phone and never do texting. It’s getting harder and harder for us old folks to manage even our most simplest of matters on line.

  3. I’m with Hansi…..I trust my pen and paper more than I trust my ‘puter…..yes I am an old fart….LOL chuq

  4. I’ve spent the morning changing all my passwords to the Hansi default. Thanks for making life easier!

    • Your welcome.  I kinda consider it a public service.

      • It’s a gift that keeps giving! Experts say you should change your PW regularly and an easy way is to end it with a number that you can keep increasing. So I can just go … FU3, FU4, FU5 etc. It works so well because the number of people I want to say that to just keeps increasing too!

  5. Hey, you stole my password! Now, that the whole world knows it, I have to change it!
    Maybe 1234 or password is OK?

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