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June 27, 2015


I thought I’d throw a couple of things up on the ol’ blog-o-spearsphere and see what sticks.  Well, everything sticks cause putting anything on the Internet is like etching it in stone.  Unlike a fart, which once unleashed eventually dissipates and leaves no permanent record (except in some people’s minds), Internet/computer stuff is there forever and don’t go away.  Eee-gad!  can you imagine what it would be like if the government had computers and things got turned around, so instead of them helping us to have a better ‘American experience’, they started spying on us?

Gotta watch what ya put out there on the Internet.  Reminds me of when I was fighting crime back there in Probationland (sure glad I’m not doing that shit anymore).  A female probationer must have gotten drunk and had her loser boyfriend take some photo’s of her being a little gang-bangerette holding a bottle of Tequila and some firearms, and posted it on Facebook so all her dirt-bag friends could see how cool she was.  What a dumb-shit!  Somehow her probation officer got wind of this, and guess what?  She had terms prohibiting alcohol and weapons use/possession.  Needless to say, a home call was made, and her ass was scooped-up and taken to jail.

2-23-15 003So anyway, here’s a few things from my digital archives (sure wish I could digitalize some of the stuff The Wife has laying all over the house).  They’ve been posted before, and are part of my Internet permanent record, but most folks won’t know that unless they’ve been following me for the past four years, in which case, your reward is in heaven.

The silver lining in the cloud of surveillance which the government has taken to lately, is: the cheap-ass Republicans which are so fond of all this monitoring, don’t wanna pay for via increased taxes, so the agencies involved don’t have the man-power to do the job.  Pretty cool  If ya stay under the radar, and don’t go posting your collection of naked young boy photos on Facebook; you’re Okay.  Remember, anything the government does, it usually fucks up.

Oh yeah…Today is The Wife and my 46th wedding anniversary.   Wonder what it would have been like if I had to wait till today to legally marry her?

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