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The End Is Near

The end of our forced Covid 19 lock-down may be near, but I ain’t jumping into any re-opening anytime soon.  The end may be near, but I’m stayin’ as far away from it as my ancient ass can socially distance itself. The end is near, but the handwriting is on the wall (two cool biblical apocalyptic phrases in one), a rush back to ‘normal’ is surely gonna end in disaster.

It’s funny how the ways in which you can tell enemies from friends is changing once again.  It used to be, in the good ol’ daze days that if someone was of a different color than you, well they had to be your enemy, mainly because they were different and competing for the same resources.  That used to work for our cave-man ancestors, but not all of them.  The Neanderthals ended up on the wrong side of that equation and look what happened to them.  So skin color is not a reliable indicator.

Ya gotta look a little closer to distinguish friend from foe, like which church they go to, or in the case of my Neanderthal forefathers, which god or idol they place their trust in.  When I was a kid, we Lutherans knew that them Catholics were no good, and always up to something involving the Pope, like digging a tunnel to the Vatican or cleaning rifles in the church basement. That used to be a sure-fire way to tell who’s who.  The problem was, Lutherans and Catholics are virtually the same deal, with the exception that we Lutherans had no Pope, and our priests (pastors) got to screw Nuns, but they had to marry them first and make them wives, which meant they still got none.  You could only have one wife however, and not a whole convent full, lest you become like old testement King Solomon who had a shit-load of wives.  The danger there being you could fall into Judaism, which means you’d have to have your wee-wee circumcised.

Sadly, now a days all them sure-fire tricks to tell friend from foe no longer work as well as they once did.  But!  Thanks to the Corona Virus and the need to wear masks, it’s easy to tell who’s an evil-doer and who’s not.  Used to be that only the bad guys wore masks, like bank robbers and such, but then along came the Lone Ranger, and he was a good guy wearing a mask.  Go figure.

Well leave it to a world-wide pandemic for the culture wars to politicize mask wearing for health and safety reasons.  Wearing a mask is now either a badge of honor or disdain.  No need to break out all that camouflage gear ya got hanging in your closet with the assault weapon next to the kid’s bedroom.  All ya gotta do is go outside maskless and start mingling within six feet of others, and everyone can tell that you’re a red-blooded American patriot enjoying his right to pursue happiness as you see fit.

What have we come to?  The Corona Virus doesn’t care if you’re on the left or on the right or live in a blue state or red state.  It doesn’t give a shit about your “Rights’.  It’s an equal opportunity killer.  Oh well…Live Free AND Die.

Thou Shalt Not Covid

In our new world of Covid 19 there appears to be no end to the  shortages we’re facing.  There’s a shortage of masks and personal protective equipment.  Ventilators are in short supply, along with tests, and increasingly trained medical personnel, who are sadly falling victim to this hideous virus.  There is a shortage of toilet paper, and soon there will be a shortage of meat as packing houses are being closed due to employee infections.  There’s a shortage of patience, and a shortage of leadership.  But when I see local state houses inundated with armed protesters, demanding their ‘Right’ to assemble, jammed together mostly without wearing masks, but carrying huge assault-type weapons.  I know one thing, at least there’s no shortage of fucking idiots.

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