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It seems like there’s always something new to worry about. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or that we’re over a year into a worldwide pandemic that’s killing millions of people. But I often find myself worrying about everything. Maybe it’s post traumatic stress syndrome. Maybe too much cable news. The good news is The Wife and I have appointments (a true pain in the ass to get) for our first Covid 19 flu shots. In my California county they just lowered the age limit to 65 instead of 75 and older. I could’ve passed for a 75 year old but I don’t have the fake I.D. I had in High School anymore; tossed that sucker when I turned 21 and could legally buy beer. So the end is near. Not in an apocalyptic way, but as in running a log race and finally being able to see the finish line. Thank you Science.

Comments on: "There’s Always Something New To Worry About" (5)

  1. It never ends. I feel haunted. What’s it gonna be tomorrow ?

    • I know what ya mean, and the short answer is : you die.  But I think the key is how one deals with it all…nothing is permanent, and even this too will pass.

  2. Cable News always gives of something to worry about…..then they try to soften the news with fluff which is mind numbing…..be well and be safe chuq

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