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Well, I guess in this day and age of Covid 19 and its Delta and Omicrom variants, having a few sugarplum hallucinations dancing in my head is not the worst thing that could happen to ya. It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait ( to have it over and done with). Not that I have anything against the baby Jesus. God forbid. It’s just that instead of a glorious time of celebration and revelry (the part I enjoy the most), Christmas is a huge gigantic pain in the ass. What with gift buying, endless Hallmark Xmas movies and everything being turned upside down in the house, the season ends up being a lot of work for a short amount of celibate celebratory time. Thank God, and Jesus too, I got Amazon Prime for a month free. Not that I’m crazy about financing Jeff Bezos’ outer space adventures on the Starship Merchandise, but it sure beats going into stores, waiting in lines and fighting traffic. Plus I get Prime Video thrown in for free. Now that’s what I call the spirit of giving (If I cancel my free subscription before my 30 days is up). Doom, gloom, and bah-humbugs aside, I just wanna wish everyone in the world a happy and healthy holiday season and new year.

Comments on: "I’m Being Plagued by Visions Of Sugarplums Dancing In My Head" (11)

  1. Hope you have a great and comfortably numb holiday season and all the best in 2022!

  2. If I hear ‘Little Drummer By” one more time I will go postal…..my mother died on Christmas Day so I can do without all the memories…..have a great season…like the reference to Pink Floyd…..chuq

  3. Have a good one one, Hans.

  4. Bezos’ ex-wife got untold billions from their divorce settlement a few years ago. She’s a decent person, it seems: She has given many of those billions to very worthy charities. See ya. Happy New Year!

  5. I don’t have any extra Amazon promotional stuff but they do get that package delivered faster than anyone else.

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