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Letting Go

letting go 009

Okay.  Here’s two fairly recent drawings.   Don’t ask me for any deep insight as to meaning or metaphor.  Probably ain’t none there.  I’m just having some fun letting it flow.  Kinda like letting go.

Letting go is a pretty hard thing to do.  Some say it’s the key to enlightenment.  I guess the hardest part of letting go, is doing without something that you were holding on to, and letting it go forever.  Once ya truly let go, there’s no coming back.  It’s gone!  Adios forever.

Painful as that may seem to be, it can be a good thing.  Holding onto things that serve no useful purpose, don’t work for ya anymore, or are just downright hurtful only results in suffering.  I got a lot of things I would like to let go of.  But the problem is: I might need them sometime in the future.

letting go 010


Comments on: "Letting Go" (6)

  1. well you have actually said a great deal Hansi, but I will respect your privacy and not inquire. Best to ya. You are always a great place to come see the view. 🙂

  2. When you load up what you can and your dog in your ’72 Cutlass and head out to the sunset(better yet that sunrise)as a result of that horrible divorce from that horrible marriage you learn how little you really need.

  3. Reminds me of the long-term benefits of traveling lightly through life. Minimalism is an art and a challenge, as we don’t realize how unsuspectingly easy it is to fall into maximizing. BTW, that sun looks pretty intense!

    • Traveling lightly through life is certainly the way to go. All the shit we thought we must have gets pretty heavy the older ya get.


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