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Everything Is An Experiment

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One of the best things about being retired is: you get to play more, and work less.  Right now, I prefer to play all day, and not work at all.  Gardening, growing your own food (and medication), listening to old vinyl records, drawing and blogging are all playing.  And when you are truly playing, everything is an experiment.  Be it growing a certain plant variety from seed, pruning fruit trees or mixing weird concoctions of all the stuff ya grow in yor garden.  Dig this: I just juiced some carrots, beets, parsley and kale I grew in my garden.  Yummy!  I had some snow peas (edible pods), but didn’t throw them into the mix, as I like to eat em right off the bush as a little outdoor snack.

The cool thing about experimenting with stuff (and I’m not talking about torturing small animals, although I might make an exception for all the god-damned neighborhood cats that shit in my garden [can’t really blame em though, maybe my compost-rich soil is like using that nice soft quilted toilet-paper for them]) is:  You never know how it’s gonna turn out.  So you gotta pay attention, and paying attention is hard, cause there’s so much going on to distract ya.  I don’t just do one experiment at a time, I usually have a bunch of em going on all the time; that can get confusing.  So what ya gotta do is take notes.  Mental notes are my favorite kind, but are often the least reliable.  But if ya take good notes, then you can reproduce your experiments, and hopefully get the same desired results.  It’s all a crap-shoot.

So….right now, as evidenced by my journal entries, I’m experimenting with quitting my part-time job and going into full-retirement, which sadly I was only enjoying 95% of the time.  Thing is, I’m not sure I should quit working.  I got a good gig going working for my former employer, it’s just that I’m really starting to hate it.

I’ve cut down to one day a week for four (not 44) hours.  I know, that’s a really killer.  But I’m VERY tired of probation, and don’t want to have anything to do, anymore with dysfunctional people (myself excluded).  We’ll see how that goes.  Not so well so far based on my last time there.  I wanna quit.  More so, I realize I’m finished working in corrections, and now just gotta figure out my exit strategy.  Which is no big deal, seeing that I am an Extra Help employee, having officially retired ten years ago.  Just walking in and saying “Fuck You” has a certain appeal to it, but my supervisor has been good to me with his ‘hands-off’ approach.  I could just fade into the sunset and never show up again.  We’ll see.  After all, Everything Is An Experiment!

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Sitting On My Butt

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I bet most of you think that all I do all day is sit on my butt and blog my ass off.  Well, that’s partly correct.  All my blogging occurs when I’m sitting on my butt.  But, I don’t do it all day, and never to the point where my ass detaches from my body.  I can just imagine:  my ass in front of me, floating off into cyber-space.  Never happen.  However, metaphorically, my butt-print goes out there with every post I make.   How asinine.

Sitting on your butt can entail (get it?) a lot of things.  But usually has a negative connotation, implying that you ain’t doing jack-shit, are avoiding things or are just too damned lazy to stand up.  It’s my favorite position, and often aided by the use of a recliner.

Sitting on your butt doesn’t mean you’re doing nothing.  Heavens no!  You are rather, doing things that don’t require burning a lot of calories, such as contemplation, day-dreaming, spacing out while listening to music, and oh yeah – enjoying fantasies of all sorts.  Most of the time I’m very busy from the ears up.  It just looks like I’m doing nothing. But I ain’t doing nothing, I’m sitting on my butt.

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The Doctor

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When I was a little kid, I always hated to go to the doctor.  Not only was the doctors office cold, it had an antiseptic smell to it.  Plus, every time I went there, I knew I was gonna get a shot.  And that hurt!

Well, I just got back from a doctors visit.  My annual physical exam, now free (without co-pay) because I’m on Medicare, and Medicare wants to keep you healthy and not turn into some old sickly geezer who’s gonna suck the system dry because of years of abusing their body.

4-14 003You know the best thing about it all?  Not only is old Hansi in good health, the doctor didn’t stick his finger up my ass.  He said they’re not doing that any more; too invasive, and there’s other ways to monitor for prostate cancer.  Must be Obama-care.  Maybe we’re not taking it in the ass as much as when George W Bush was in office and the Republicans were in charge.  Remember that?  I sure do!

Well, putting digital anal penetration aside (yet still having vivid images burning in your mind), the good thing is:  I’m in good health.  I knew that before going to see him, but it’s nice to have a professional opinion.  Sure takes a load off of my mind. (How much of a load Hansi?).  About a fingers worth. 🙂

My Psychedelic Journal

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Here’s a little secret:  I haven’t blogged for quite a while now.  I’m posting stuff, but they are saved drafts I did during a creative burst (now turned bust).  So what you’ve been seeing lately, is a reflection of where I was at a few months ago.

So…having stopped blogging [but not stopped posting], one afternoon this week (probably next week by the time you see this), I stumbled across my old personal psychedelic journal, which was the precursor for my Hansi’s Hallucinations, and looking through it again at entries I did three years ago, decided: Why not post some of these old entries and comment on them from where I’m at now versus where I was at then.  Then, you could comment on my comments, and if your comments are comment-worthy, I can comment on them.

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I really enjoy the journal format.  It’s almost like a comic book with the whole story on one page.  The three featured in this post are pretty much self explanatory and in no further need of comment.

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