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I don’t mean to be talkin’ about booze so much of late, but a few nights ago my nightly ‘Hi-ball’ started in early afternoon and with a double shot. Can you believe what happened in America January 6th when the two Houses of Congress met to certify the electoral college vote, and lo and behold, we had a failed coup attempt first. This is some serious shit, and usually reserved for Latin America or Eastern European countries. But as I watched this ‘chaos in the capital’, shocked as I was (for someone heavily sedated), I couldn’t help but think: “How pathetic! Is the best you can do Donald?” The whole scene reminded me of when the villagers were chasing down Frankenstein with pitch-forks and torches. He can’t even pull-off a coup, if ya call it a coup. He’s been totally incompetent in dealing with Covid, and inept at even becoming a dictator. Looked more like a bunch of fat white people wearing army surplus clothes taking ‘selfies’ of themselves in the Rotunda, and hanging their bellies over the capital balconies. All they did was hang around and trash the place before they either got bored, hungry and needed another beer, or couldn’t find a place to piss. They were marched off the premises, and the civil war didn’t start. Everybody knows Biden will be the next president and Trump’s star has crashed and is burning, with the rats just beginning to jump that sinking ship.

So….what’s he gonna do next? We got about two weeks before he’s escorted out of the White House. Is he gonna do something really stupid? or is he going to just meekly fade away? When it comes to The Donald, I’ll put my money on stupid every-time.

Comments on: "Started drinking early January 6th" (5)

  1. Trump has that effect on people….I do not think he, Trump, is finished yet…..Twitter and Facebook trying to shut him down but I think that s more to try and empress Biden to avoid heavy regulations. Be well….be safe…..chuq

  2. Worried that January 6th was a smokescreen and the real hard line insurrectionists are being held back for the Inauguration. Troubled times, my friend, maybe I should start drinking 😀

    • I’m hopeful all will go well with the Inauguration, and this time around law enforcement will be ready.  I wouldn’t start drinking, but now and then a little ‘nip’ sure doesn’t hurt.

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