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8-15-13 006

“How’s your day going so far?” asks just about every clerk I do business with these days.  Usually I reply something like, “Just fine”, knowing that they have to ask and engage the customer with the hopes of me buying something more from them.  But one of these times I’m gonna reply, “I’ve been fighting inner demons all day and don’t know who’s winning or loosing, so I’m barely able to function in an appropriate manner.”


Comments on: "“How’s Your Day Going So Far?”" (20)

  1. Or, “I’m fine, now… I haven’t heard the voices for well over a… Oh, wait… Oh no…

  2. hehe, I rather like it, but then again those who know you hansi, wouldn’t bat an eyelid would they? *snicker*

  3. Or tell them your name was Hansi yesterday and it;s Victor today, whom you just met.

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    das funny shiz!

  5. Gotta keep them on their toes!

  6. I usually just respond, “Fine so far. But there’s still plenty of daylight left for things to go completely the opposite direction.”

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  10. I like this – think you should try out your alternative response and see how you get on – it might just brighten some anxious shop assistant’s day…?

  11. Go ahead. Make my day.

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