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The Dog Channel

8-15-13 001I shit you not!  My satellite T V provider just added The Dog Channel.  A channel for dogs…to watch!  I thought, Wow!  What a bunch of bullshit.  Someone at Direct TV has spent a little too much time on the Drug Channel.

Well, I had to check this out, and for sure, it was for dogs (and not old ones like myself), programmed with slow moving scenes of dogs walking, sitting or resting on park benches, accompanied by some mellow nondescript music.  Almost meditative in nature.  This old dog liked it.  Bow wow.

But it got me to thinkin’.  With all these shots of dogs laying around enjoying a dog-day afternoon, just what weren’t they showing?  I didn’t see any scenes of dogs chewing up furniture, biting the mailman, or taking a dump on someones lawn.  No shots of dogs sniffing each others butts and peeing on everything in sight. And oh yeah, no doggie sex (they do have a style unto their own).  Maybe dogs aren’t voyeuristic.  Hard to tell if another dog is in heat if ya can’t smell them.  So instead of being a little hottie ready to trot, that other pooch Fido is wathchin’ looks just like the rest of the canines featured, with sappy idiotic looking expressions on their faces.

Pretty wild stuff (tame actually – don’t want to be encouraging any antisocial dog behavior.)  But it eventually became boring, with a lot of the scenes shown over and over again.

I wonder if dogs know when they’re watching a rerun?  Bet they wished they had opposable thumbs so they could work the remote.


Comments on: "The Dog Channel" (15)

  1. … or how many reruns will they watch before learning to use the remote.

  2. Now answer me this: if these programmers can put on a 24hr dog channel, why the hell can’t they run the 24hr feed from the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite)? I, for one, would LOVE to be able to turn on my TV and watch our sun perform in real time (well, 8 minutes delayed).

  3. There is a video for cats that is much more entertaining, especially if you watch your cat watching it. Our neighbors had a cat that loved it–all you had to do was just show him the cassette and he would run into the living room, sit in front of the TV and wait for you to put it in the player.

  4. we haven’t tried it yet, since we haven’t outfitted the laundry room with it’s own set which is where Diego naps when we leave him. Boy you sure don’t like new stuff. Must be a man thing. I think TV for Diego is pretty darn nice. Nice somebody thinks about him. I surely hope kittens have one too. Then there are our pet birds, and geckos, oh where will it end?

  5. Why not…I mean Golf has a channel and I cannot think of one thing more boring with the exception of fishing channel…

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Sounds very, very dull. I just watched some episodes of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” on a National Geographic channel. He’s a vet in Michigan. It’s a fantastic show. Unfortunately, neither I nor my sister gets the premium cable stuff.

  7. WTF?? I heard someone say that the idea is for people to put this channel on when they leave the dog alone and the dog won’t bark and tear up the furniture. How have we survived without it??

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