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Hunkering Down In America


Well… here we are in the middle of July, and instead of evaporating in the hot summer air, that sneaky ol’ Corona Virus has not only managed to survive but thrive (no doubt due to the number of dumb-shits who refuse to wear a mask).  It now looks like we’re in the early innings of a shit-show double header.  Despite all this, life isn’t too bad for some of us (and that may be another part of the problem) who either still have jobs or a steady source of income and can weather this apocalyptic new normal with an attitude of tolerance, less consumption and a sustainable lifestyle that benefits all.

Enough of this crazy talk.  Here’s some more mindless scribbles that I’ve recently cranked-out.  Still the same old stuff, but when ya got your mojo workin’, ya sure want it to work on you.  Stay safe and enjoy the new normal; with your mask on of course.

Things That Look Like Other Things


Well, the Covid re-opening lasted about ten days for me.  As of now, I’m reeling it all back in.  Only goin’ out for necessities (and that doesn’t mean a trip to the local marijuana dispensary although they are having some really great deals in this time of extreme need),  I mean basic stuff like groceries at Trader Joes and the local nursery for garden supplies.  And then it’s mask on, go in and get the hell out as fast as I can, followed with a thorough douching of my hands with sanitizer out in the car.  New cases of Covid 19 are on the rise in the US, and if it hasn’t already, it sure looks like the shit is about to hit the fan.  We have no national strategy for dealing with the virus except for ‘every man for himself’.  All I know is: if I do the opposite of what Donald Trump says I’ll be okay.

Oh well…Here’s some more drawings of things that look like other things.  They are ‘things’ in and of themselves, and are what they are.  Problem is they look other things rather than what they are.  Funny how that works.

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