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Boys Will Be Boys

8-15-13 002When I was a little boy, I couldn’t wait till I grew up and became a man.  Because being a man meant you could eat all the ice cream ya wanted, have potato chips whenever ya felt like it, and could stay up till 11:00 and see all the good shows on TV.

Well, I’m a man now, and rarely eat potato chips, think ice cream is too fattening and am usually in bed by 9:00 p.m.  Who would have thunk that? But one thing that’s remained constant in my life, and the lives of all men, is the love they have for their toys.  I still have my Lionel trains, and an HO set too.  Wished I wouldn’t have thrown away all my Mad magazines from the 50’s, but now have number 1 through 100 digitally on my computer to look at whenever I feel the urge, like when eating a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled over it and potato chips crumbled on the top.

Most of the music I listen to is from the 60’s (which I have on vinyl), or from the 50’s (which I have on original 45’s).  All the stuff that was fun as a kid, is still fun now. I guess the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.


Comments on: "Boys Will Be Boys" (13)

  1. I wish I had my baseball cards, my plastic army men, my American Bricks, my HO trains and my Teddy Bear. It is very disheartening when you are still 8 years old and do not have these things.

  2. women don’t do this really. I have no idea why. But I sure have no old issues of all those teen idol magazines I bought when I was 12.

  3. I know! Eating anything you want anytime is great, but not the same thrill anymore. Staying up late now is a drag. Sleep is far more tempting. Love the illo!

  4. I clearly remember screaming at my mother (I was about 6 or so) that when I grew up I was going to do whatever I wanted. She had said no to my plans to go swimming with the neighbor kids across the street. Somewhere along the way I lost my affection for swimming pools and about the only way you can get me in one now is to throw me in, protesting.

  5. hehe!! I miss my Smash Hits Magazines…good old young times! lovely memory lane post

  6. We still play vinyl here too!

  7. I wish I still had my stack of girls’ comics starring Mimi the Mesmeriser.

    Poignant line … “All the stuff that was fun as a kid, is still fun now.”

  8. Husb has toys. I have vital neccessities 😉

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