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Well it’s 2022, and yet again it’s back to square one….again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we just go through a huge Covid surge this time last year? Or am I stuck in and endless time-loop a la Groundhog’s Day. Omicron (I call it ‘oh my gawd’), a cousin of Covid 19, is raging! New cases are up, hospitalizations on the increase, but thankfully deaths aren’t as high. Maybe this new Covid guy is havin’ a little mercy on us, and trying to teach us a lesson: Don’t Be A Frickin’ Idiot…Get Vaccinated!

I’m really Pissed! I was feelin’ fairly good this past summer and fall; the Covid numbers were headed in the right direction. Me and The Wife were fully vaccinated, with booster. Life was getting back to normal. We were enjoying indoor dinners with our vaccinated friends, able to travel a bit, not have to wear your mask all the time, and generally live with a whole lot less fear. That was sure short-lived.

Not that I’m a profit… prophet or anything but didn’t ya sorta see this thing coming?” I could see it in myself – I was ready to ditch the mask, go in stores when I wanted, maybe go back to the gym. I was totally done with the pandemic. I think a lot of people felt that way too. Sadly, a lot of folks are against life-saving vaccines, and refuse to get vaccinated. Well that’s there Right, I don’t especially enjoy people telling me what I should do [Guess that’s why I was a Probation Officer for 30 years.] So we’ll never reach “Herd Immunity” and Covid will become the new normal (we’re doomed!). What blows my mind about Anti-Vaxxers is the different paradigm, mind set or worldview they operate under that motivates their distrust of vaccines and their use as it means them personally. I can see that too. But ya know? Doesn’t seem like your beliefs are working very well for ya. The UnVaccinated are droppin’ like flies, and in reality prolonging the pandemic. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at all this partisan shit. Take a good look at what ya believe; what has it brought me. And question whether it’s still workin’ for ya or not.

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  1. Happy New Year! Asking those questions requires engaging with reality so don’t hold out much hope.

  2. The thing is, I always knew that people were stupid. Just be a precocious little egghead in school and see not only how much you are resented, but how desperately the herd clings to its stupidity as a virtue. “Smart people are really dumb. They have no common sense.” Und so weiter.

    Well, clearly the people without common sense are the ones completely failing to connect the dots: I got shot full of vaccines before I could even talk. I grew up in a robust environment of public health and sanitation. I am fine. I got through school without ever getting sick unto death (the way my parents’ generation, born in the 20s, could boast: in my mother’s family alone, one dead in infancy, one nearly dead of typhoid, another barely surviving pneumonia from who knows what respiratory contagion). Hence, I should take the precautions medically informed people recommend and get a vaccine as soon as it is available.

    But NOOOOO! They have to console themselves by believing that smart people are really dumb and that their ignorance is superior. Plus, they WANNA like a toddler who sees candy, and they’ll lie on the floor and scream until they get what they WANNA, be it a public event or a family Christmas exchange of gifts and microorganisms.

    I just wish their stupid hurt no one other than them. And I wish the people who know, really know better, had the guts to recognize that the truly stupid can’t be helped and recommending at best half measures (apparently to avoid offending someone) is not going to fix this. Talk about Long Covid. Explain that “mild case” means sick as a dog (how sick is a dog? I really don’t know) and that “not having to go to the hospital” is a low fucking bar. Recognize that the all clear we got from vaccination lasted about five minutes, loudly tell all the people who think it’s over to mask and stop mingling in the face of a hypercontagious variant, and SHUT the damn schools and lock down everything until we have a handle on this.

    But no. That would, like, make sense.


    • Glad to see that someone else is fairly pissed-off and totally done with the fools that think “It ain’t gonna happen to me”, until they’re at deaths door wondering why they didn’t get vaccinated.  Stay safe and health during this time of Darwin and Evolutions time to thin the herd.

    • I’m reading the “Conan the Barbarian” books at last. The movie is one of my most favorite (the original Arnie one and only the first one…). There is a quote in one of the first stories I’d like to share:

      “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”

      ― Robert E. Howard

      Perhaps some barbarism would raise courteousnes and help in Covid times. And to all others: split their stupid skulls. 😉

      • Nice to know there is someone else still reading Conan books! Agree with you about the Arnie movie. Here’s a good quote from a story called “The Phoenix on the Sword”:

        “Conan put his back against the wall and lifted his ax. The men faltered–wild, criminal and dissolute though they were, yet they came of a breed men called civilized, with a civilized background; here was the barbarian–the natural killer. They shrank back.
        King Conan sensed their uncertainty and grinned. “Who dies first” he said.”

      • The berserker in me really, really likes that idea.

      • Thanks for stopping by.  Looks like Covid/omicron is ravaging Germany…just like Conan did in the distant past.  Be safe.

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