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Even More Of The Same

I hate to be overly introspective, but I’m beginning see common themes that run through my art work, such as it is. Can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. Anyway it doesn’t matter, and just like the President says about the Covid virus, it’s no big deal, nothing to ‘panic’ about, and we’re gonna have a vaccine any day now, maybe even before the election [so you’ll be sure to vote for me], and if not then certainly after I’m re-elected, or for sure by my inauguration. So, as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to drawing, subject matter doesn’t matter. And if you see nothing but flying phallus’s, draped wienies and striped barber poles set in a dreamy pseudo psychedelic setting, that’s your problem, certainly not mine (again like the President, I take no responsibility for my work). Anyway, who ya gonna believe? Me or your lying’ eyes?

But seriously, drawing is a means of escape for me. I love to slide over to the right side of the brain (never of the political spectrum) where words are not meaningful and what really matters if line, form, shape space and color. That’s a nice place to be. All else is of no concern: the process is what’s important, not the end product. Feels good during these pandemic laden, hard economic, racially tense, corruption filled scary-ass times.


Well, it’s open enrollment time for those of us 65 and older, and between now and December 7th we can change our Medicare supplemental insurance. I wonder if that’s why I’m getting a shit-load of health insurance ads and literature in the mail. That’s mighty nice of them, being all concerned about my well-being. Every day it’s something. In fact, I’m getting so much crap from AARP that I can only assume they made me a lifelong honorary member. It’s all more than what I really wanna deal with. I hate it.

I Voted

I voted. Did you?

A Bold Prediction

I usually don’t make predictions let alone bold ones on this blog. Not that I’m against predictions, it’s just that I’m so bad at it and most of the time just flat-out wrong. In fact, I’m wrong so often, that when I’m convinced something is about to happen, you can bet the farm on it that it won’t. Kinda like what the folks on Wall Street like to call a contrary indicator. Problem is, when I’m utterly convinced something is gonna happen, I’m so wrapped up in my own story, that I cannot see another scenario. I hate it when that happens; bites me in the ass everytime (must be a sign of old age).

Well, it looks like The Donald is beginning to crash and burn before our very eyes. He’s dropping in the polls like a brick and all his Republican Senate buddies are lining up like rats eager to jump a sinking ship. He’s getting crazier and crazier, pissing-off women, and now thinks he’s Superman and immune from Covid 19. If he loses the election he may fight it in the courts, or just leave the country (probably to avoid all the criminal prosecution which will ensue once he’s no longer president).

So here’s my prediction: Something unexpected is going to happen. Not the usual unexpected stuff, but something few have prognosticated (except for me).

I’m Voting For The Fly That Landed On Mike Pence’s Head

I’ll let the American People decide if there’s any analogy or hidden meaning to the common house fly, Vice Presidential debates and turds. Wonder what the fly was doin’ up there for two whole minutes.

Is He Dead Yet?

I know….That’s a horrible thing to say, and in really bad taste (which by the way is a staple of this blog). But ya know what. When you see someone self-destructing before your own eyes 24/7 on television, ya can’t help but wonder, when is he gonna be put out of his misery; when are we gonna be put out of our misery? The Donald is a very sick man. Not only did the Corona Virus come around and bite him in the ass, he’s got major personality disorders and a huge ego habit he needs to feed daily. Witness is ‘joyride’ around the hospital a few days ago, and his triumphant return to the White House, feeling (all hopped-up on steroids and the latest in experimental drugs) he know understands Covid and it’s no big deal; he’s maybe even immune (which begs the question how can ya be immune when ya got it?).

I do wish The President a healthy recovery and happy retirement, but I can’t keep up with it all. A few mornings ago I woke up to find The President has Covid-19. The next day I wake up to hear he’s going into the hospital (that was fast). Now he’s back home, infectious as hell, not wearing a mask and raring to go. What am I gonna wake up to tomorrow? President Pence? Or better yet, President Pelosi?

Smite that Evildoer

Wow! Things are not looking too good for The President and We the People of the United States of America. How can that be? Not only has the President been smitten with the plague, he’s now in the hospital and being treated with experimental drugs (which is not necessarily a bad thing. Who of us hasn’t experimented with drugs as a youth?). Some people are saying this is the ‘October Surprise’ [didn’t surprise me], and some are saying this could have been totally avoided. I personally think it’s the Shit Show everyone’s predicted, and we are now in episode 2. The one in which the hero or main character is afflicted with a tragedy beyond his control and facing a life or death situation. What will happen next? Is the Calvary on the way? Will he be rescued? Who knows? Stay tuned. I’m taping the whole series.

As a side note: I think a lot of people are coming to believe that, Yes there is a God in Heaven. He hasn’t been very active lately justice-wise. Maybe She too has been binge-watching The Show, and too enthralled to get up and do anything. But just maybe God has started smiting the wicked again like in the good ol’ days. Problem is, the wicked think God is gonna do the smiting for them, not to them. They think She’s on their side and have a lease on Him; they being the Smite-ors not the Smite-es. I personally thing God won’t intervene until at least episode 6 (gotta keep the suspense building) then it’s gonna be a real Wrath-Fest.

Thank You Jesus

Well….Looks like the President of the United States has Covid 19. From what I’ve heard, some people say karma has a funny way of coming around and bitin’ ya in the ass. Who knows? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It is what it is.

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