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To Vax Or Not To Vax

WOW! I’m proud to announce, and very relieved to say that The Wife and I have been fully vaccinated and received our second Modera shot over two weeks ago. Thank you sweet jesus, and you too science. My two kids and their family have also been vaccinated, but other family members don’t and won’t. My twice born sister in-law refuses to be vaccinated as does my daughter in-laws’ father. Guess they’re not crazed commie liberals like old Hansi and his offspring.

I can’t understand why folks are refusing the Covid vaccine. Especially 40% of Republican men. My gawd, they’re already becoming an endanger species and now face the possibility of extinction. I know I can’t change them, so I must respect their decision (as I hope they respect mine). The thing of it is: this poses a moral delema as to who do I let into my home. Indoor gatherings and socialization are quickly becoming safe again, so long as everyone present is fully vaccinated. So what does one do? Allow unvaccinated family menbers into my home and hope to hell they’re not infectious and asymtomatic? Or do I use my better judgement and follow what’s worked for me this past year (science), and not invite them over? Who’s beliefs are more important: theirs or mine? Do ya shun them or suck it up and hope for the best because you don’t wanna offend them?

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  1. This is not really a headbanger. Choices have consequences, and their choice carries with it the consequence of being excluded from spaces where they might spread disease (most likely to others who’ve made the same choice). You have the right to decide you won’t facilitate that.

  2. Glad to hear you’re protected.

    It’s a bit* of mess down here in Brazil

    *read: clusterfuck

  3. Good for you and your wife….more people need to pull their head out of their butt and do what is right. chuq

  4. It’s their choice to take risks with their health, it’s your choice to protect yourself. If they don’t respect your choice, they’re not worth having over anyway.

  5. Interesting question. Asking them to wear a mask is probably out of the question!!

    • Then everybody would have to wear a mask out of fairness and we’d be treating them like lepers..which ya really don’t want in your home anyway.

  6. Republicans! So many of them are misguided in so many ways.

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