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Washing Your Brain

brain washing

I did a post about Brainwashing a while back.  You know what “Brainwashing” was, it was when the Commies got a hold of ya and tweaked your mind to make you do things un-American.  Well, I never got brainwashed, put I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap a few times.  So if washing someones mouth out with soap can get them to stop using bad words, then maybe washing someones brain can get them to stop thinking bad thoughts.  Neither one has had any lasting effect on me however.


Comments on: "Washing Your Brain" (5)

  1. A good dose of clear the head medicine now and then is a healthy regimen but there remains controversy over which are helpful or harmful. On the other hand if we could clear the congress of all the jerks we would not need mind clearing.

  2. Interesting soap bubbles! 🙂 Your brainwashing might take a little longer than anticipated!

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