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My Dark Side

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Sometimes I think, “How much of myself do I wanna share on this Blog?” I’ve shared a lot from my happy side, usually just after taking my medication.  So most of the time you get a full dose of Hansi.

But there is a dark side to Hansi.  It’s pretty much like the happily medicated side, but you can’t see anything cause the lights are off.  Of course, I could hand out flash-lights when exploring my dark side.  Then you wouldn’t go wondering around bumping into things or stubbing your toe, which usually hurts like hell, makes ya scream obscenities, with ya ending up hopping around on your good foot, crashing into even more stuff.  Or worse yet, jumping into a pile of something disgusting you were just too damn lazy to sweep up earlier. Which is like double Karma coming back to haunt ya.

Well enough of that dark side stuff.  Boy was I glad I had a flashlight to help me see while over there.  Wasn’t that bad.


Comments on: "My Dark Side" (15)

  1. Your drawings from a few years ago aren’t nearly as fanciful as the current ones. Much more representational (except for that tail, of course). Maybe this means something?

    • A few years ago i was working on my draftsmanship and doing a lot of figure studies. once I got that to a place i liked, I was able to abandon it all.


  2. We’re all broken to some degree my friend. If you have to point yours out to others that usually means they’re not that significant, unless of course your like that cute young man who butchered his victims, ate their body parts and then stored the remains in his flooring chase. What was his name? Ah Yes! Jeffery Dahmer. Now THAT’S Dark. Who knew.

  3. It wasn’t that bad at all.
    Kinda reminds me of an ex boyfriends home done tattoo he did when he was young and restless.
    I like the darkness though. Your drawings are usually so happy and funny….I love that. This guy shows a darker side. Not scary. Not out of my ordinary.

  4. Was thinking about you last night whilst listening to yesterday’s school shooting (almost massacre) 911 call. The gunman asked to contact his parole officer on the phone. I couldn’t help but think if it was you who received the call… “You’re where? You’re doing what? Oh for f…..”

  5. Quite a tail this guy is sporting. Save me a flashlight:)

  6. Ah heck …. all of us have a dark side. At least you approach yours with humor.

    • It’s not funny when you’re over there all alone and stubbing your toes in the dark 🙂


  7. An apt and well-done drawing for an honest and well-expressed introspection.

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