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I hate dealing with problems! I hate having to fix something when it breaks down (as all shit eventually does); and I also hate doing things I really don’t wanna do! Maybe I shouldn’t use the word hate (there’s a lot of folks on the fringe-right that are giving hate a bad name), rather, I have a strong adversion to, and great dis-like of things that make me feel uncomfortable. I made a career out of dealing with ‘problems’ for over forty years: problem children at the state mental hospital, problem youth as a juvenile probation officer, and problem adults I supervised on adult formal probation (you wouldn’t believe the number of people I watched pee into little bottles).

“Wow Hansi – you sure got a good rant brewing, but tell me, what do all the accompanying pictures have to do with all the shit you hate, or should I say…strongly dislike and want to avoid like the current plague?”

Well, I don’t know. I just got done dealing with a dental problem – one of the last things on earth I wanted to deal with and right up there with never voting for a Republican ever again in my life. But I dealt with it and as soon as the aversion started to dissipate I started to think about floozies and some of my old figure drawings. So I figured I could be just like Kilgore Trout, the brilliant but obscure science fiction author who went undiscovered because all his work was published in Porno magazines as filler. So I decided to write my ‘rage on a page’, and illustrate it with totally unrelated subject matter. Drawing the female figure takes skill. Making them look trashy is a skill unto itself.

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