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NFTs For Sale

OKAY….I’ve finally found a way to make money from blogging and get rich quick on the Internet. I’m selling all my art work as NFTs. In case you’ve been too busy working on the Arizona election vote re-count and not paying attention to the real world, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. You can check that out via the god Google or ask his consort the goddess Alexa (who I find to be somewhat dense in that she doesn’t respond well to sexual innuendo, and takes things much too literally) for what fungible means and why my drawings are not that. Basically it’s just like Bitcoins: money you can’t spend or put in your piggy-bank, except this is fine art you can own but not really possess, let alone hang on your wall.

Now you may be wondering, “Why on earth would I want to but something I can’t really have?” Good question, and I too wonder why the hell I buy half the crap that I do. But the thing is, when you buy my digitized work, you have exclusive ownership of it, not me anymore. So when someone googles ‘Cow-girls on Rockets’ they’ll be directed to one of these images and you can say, “I own that”. Plus, you can bookmark it for future enjoyment or even make it your screen-saver. Doesn’t get much better than that, and, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so if ya got a garage so filled with bullshit that ya can’t even find your way to the back…no problemo.

Now I’m not asking a million dollars for these, that’s ridiculous, so I’m starting bidding in the low hundred thousand range. If you can’t live without owning a Cow-girl on a Rocket or the above Woman With Pastrami Sandwich just enter your name and credit card number, with expiration date and don’t forget that security code on the back, along with you bank account number, password, Social Security number, date of birth, drivers license (for I D verification) and next of kin in the comment section below. And low and behold it will be yours. I’ll even tear up the original and send the shredded remains to your home address (must provide self addressed stamped envelope).

If ya buy two or more I’ll even throw in this life-size portrait of Hot Dog Man (such a deal).

Additional shipping and handling fees may be required. I do not take Bitcoin.

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