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A Page Full Of Pencil

Sometimes I like to draw in pencil only, no ink. Pencil is the ideal way to ‘rough-out’ a drawing, cause it’s easy to correct mistakes and make the good stuff even better. That’s the way the old comic book artists used to do it. Sometimes one guy would do a panel in pencil only, then another would finish it with ink, after which it was sent off to the colorist.

When you’re a one man operation like old Hansi is, ya gotta do the whole thing yourself. I can’t just sit in my recliner wippin’ out masterpieces, and then hand them to The Wife to ink (she was an art major too). She’d say “Eeeugh, that’s gross” and toss ’em in the trash. So, pencil not only saves me a lot of work, it’s fun.


About once a week I talk with my sister on Skype. She’s been living in Germany for almost 50 years, and about once a week she wants to know “What the hell is going on in America?” They get all the news of our current (but not for long – thank you Jesus) president, and her friends ask her “what the hell is going on over there?” Despite the fact that she left Los Angeles in 1971, they apparently think she’s an expert on all things American. So she has to ask me, a bonafide, corn fed all American Boy (of German descent) for the low-down. I usually respond with, “How the hell should I know, this is the first time we’ve had a madman runnin’ the country! This ain’t the nice peaceful psychedelic 60’s we grew up in Southern California; we only had to deal with the Watts riots, political assassinations and an immoral war ( as if there were ever a ‘moral’ war) in Southeast Asia.”

Recently she asked,”Does every day seem the same? [Germany is now in a lock-down]. This got me to thinkin’, with all this Corona-virus stuff once again shutting everything down, every day IS pretty much the same, unless I make a massive effort to make it otherwise. There’s no more Dollar Tuesdays at the $3 movies (one good sneeze might take-out 50 or more geezers), and weekends are no different than weekdays. I only go out during the early morning hours, and try to avoid crowds at all times. I don’t work anymore, so I’m not wasting eight hours a day fucking with bullshit. Travel is out of the question, and The Wife and I rarely go out at night. If we see friends, it’s usually during the day, outside and with masks on. The high point of my day is a noon-time nap. Pretty boring. Sounds dreary, but there is light at the end of the tunnel (not the light you’re supposed to go for when ya die) and the end is near (not doomsday). This virus ain’t gonna last forever. All we gotta do hang in there and things will return to normal. Too bad it’s taken four years of an insufferable bullshitter and a worldwide pandemic to make it happen.

The Boy Who Wished His left Arm Would Grow Stronger*

I was looking through one of my brown paper sketch books one night, and besides seeing that there was a three year gap in drawings, I spotted this one from 2013. It’s not one of my favorites -god forbid- rather it’s one of my wurst with the proportions totally outta whack. Probably messed-up on it when I was stoned (as I am now and having an extraordinarily difficult time typing this and staying focused; the music however sounds really good) and spaced out drawing one leg at a time without any reference to the other I just drew.

But looking back on it, I started to think: ‘Maybe there’s a subconscious reason for it, with a story behind it and lesson to be learned’. The Story Of The Boy With The Withered Arm*. The story of a youth with a withered left arm, whom all the other kids teased and called ‘Wimpy’. They made life hell for the boy, who could really do nothing about it….cause he had a wimpy left arm, and was left-handed to boot. Our hero tried everything to get his left arm to grow stronger: barbells, dumbbells, push-ups, all manner of exercise and will-power. Yet all to no avail. After months of frustration and fatigue, he was ready to give up. He’d certainly preformed all the physical maneuvers necessary so he thought maybe his motivation was lacking. So he sat down to meditate, and while in a deep state of blissful absorption, he visualized a change and wished his left limb would grow to be big and strong.

Well (* if ya didn’t see this coming you’re blind) when he awoke, his left limb was indeed bigger and stronger than his right. So…the moral or lesson to be learned is: be careful what ya wish for.

My political views are better than your political views

That pretty much sums up politics today. One side against the other, each believing that they possess the ultimate truth. That’s certainly true of religion. Problem is, especially with religion, that once your party losses an election or your country a war, your candidate (or god) falls out of favor and is replaced with a new leader or divinity. Don’t hear too much about old Zeus since Greece lost its empire, or Ishtar since Babylon fell (although we still remember Her via colored eggs and other fertility symbols we celebrate every Spring at Easter). Jehovah lost some of His power when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., but not altogether cause he let His son Jesus take over to keep it all in the family.

So why are my political views better than yours? Well that’s because they just are 🙂


No time for hesitation, it’s time for participation, in that age old sensation of titillation that’s sweeping the nation with anticipation for actualization of palpitation. For some, an occupation (for me an avocation – but not proclamation) ripe for commercialization, after legalization, decriminalization, but subject to regulation and taxation (the governments’ form of compensation) all leading to normalization.

Infatuation? or fixation? All part of the equation. Vulgarization (a real word) in need of sanitation, leaving nothing to the imagination of the blogging congregation. A verbalization, yet not allegation, rather a summarization of my lack of socialization.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

We all know what that means: everything in moderation. Why? Because all them good things we like so much, if we let ’em get outta hand, can turn to shit real fast. That’s certainly true of alcohol, drugs (marijuana doesn’t count) tobacco use, sex, gambling and any other temporary pleasure. And that’s the big problem with ‘good things’, they all wear off quickly. If you wanna maintain that ‘good feeling’, ya gotta keep doing it again and again. That may have been evolutionary beneficial for my Neanderthal ancestors. A good healthy sex-drive kept the species going. [Although frankly, I don’t see what Neanderthal men saw in Neanderthal women. the ones I’ve seen have been ugly, hairy, and total skanks who look just like the men. I wonder if that’s why they all died off; lack of interest, cause all the men were sneaking off to the next village over to fornicate with all them Cro-magnom hotties.]

Where’s The Blue Wave?

Okay, everybody knew this was gonna be a close election, but secretly a lot of us bleeding-heart liberals, when not plotting on turning America into a Marxist-style socialist state, hoped that the vast majority of our countrymen would have an “Ah-ha” moment, come to their senses and overwhelmingly realize Trump has been a total disaster and vote him and his lackeys out of office in a landslide.

Well that didn’t happen. The middle part of the country is still solidly Republican red. Nothing changed! It’s still 50-50 and totally polarized. The only thing we have in common as a people is the shared belief that half of us have their heads up their asses and are outta their phucking minds. Sad. Maybe when we finally have the big blond banana removed from our republic all will be well.

Is It Over Yet?

I don’t know about you, but I’m watching way too much election news coverage. I was up at 4:00 a.m. (pacific time) this morning catching up on what happened over night. Looks like Biden’s ahead…for now. This whole thing is like binge watching old Star Trek episodes – cool at first, but gets old real fast.

Post Election Blues

I don’t know about you, but this morning, the day after the U. S. elections, I woke up even more anxious, depressed, worried and generally uptight than when I went to bed on election night eve. And true to form, the Prez has declared victory despite the fact that he’s behind in the popular vote and the results haven’t been fully counted yet. [Only in America are early votes counted last and late same-day votes counted early]. So…I guess the only thing to do is just be patient, hope for the best and let this thing run-out, whereupon hoards of lawyers on each side will battle the final results out in the courts. [Again, only in America can a winner be declred the loser, and a loser the winner].

Even More More Of The Same

Though I’d take a break from political commentary about how America is going right down the shitter because he have a narcissistic incompetent mad-man running the country during a once in a century deadly pandemic and instead focus on some of my latest drawings. So here’s a two for one election day special.

Trump wins Election

I thought I’d put it out there. Not so much that I’m convinced The Donald will win the election, but based upon a lifetime of being mostly wrong about everything, the stock-market in particular. Sorta like ‘reverse psychology’ (remember that?) when ya say one thing and the opposite is true. The president uses it all the time; saying one thing but meaning another. There’s a word for that. Big fat liar comes to mind. So, the way I see it, it is so much better to take ridicule for being wrong yet once again than having to endure four more years of The Donald if I’m correct.

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