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About These Drawings

The coolest thing about drawing is that you can save them in actual (not virtual) paper books, commonly known to us in the business as sketch pads, and open them when ya want to and look at them.   That’s sorta, in a metaphorical way, what I’m doing here.   I often like to draw small little sketches, and because I’m a cheap bastard, put them on one page to save money.  It’s also my way of whipping-out little ‘mini paintings’ I can crank out in 15 minutes.  The reason I keep any drawing to 15 minutes ( 17 minutes if I’m on a roll ) is I’m often times afflicted with  short term memory loss due to the medication I take nightly.  Which, by the way, is now totally legal and for sale in California.  Only bummer is: most cities and local municipalities have banned sales so ya have to drive down to havens of trash like the San Fernando Valley to score to purchase some.  It is “The Valley” which also happily, supplies us with all our pornographic needs.   Disgusting!  Thank God we have a moral leader in this country (which gets greater on a daily basis) who would never indulge in such filth.

One day I accidentally screwed-up and took a double dose of medicine (forgetfulness is one of its side affects – which is not necessarily a bad thing as more and more there’s more things that I’d like to forget than keep in the front of my mind).  Any way….I got this big flash!  What if I somehow tied together artistically all these separate drawings done on separate days to make one whole cohesive skater-brained composition?  Pretty wild.


So with the help of some cheap high school level art tricks I’ve been able to take ball-point pen and colored pencils to new heights.

My 200th Post

“Wowie-Zowie Hansi.  Congratulations.”   “I’m a big fan of yours and read your shit every-time it’s deposited in my mail box.  Keep up the good work; love the drawings btw.”

I know, “big fucking  deal”.  Writing about the fact that one has been compulsive enough to crank-out  200 (that’s right Two Hundred !) posts and mange to say nothing of true importance, let alone anything profound, is an exercise in egomania and self absorption [kinda sounds like something more akin to an adult diaper than mind state].

So why am I writing about the fact that I’ve turned 200 today?  Well, because I ain’t got shit. Yep… No big Ideas for new posts.  Nothing to say.  Although technically, writing about nothing is really the antithesis of writing about nothing, cause in reality you are wring about Something, it’s just that the something is nothing.  On some level that makes sense.  Anyway, I got a whole bunch of drawings I’ve never posted before and wanna show them off.  Hey, I ain’t just sitting around the house doing nothing.

So, using the tried and true Bloggers trick on how to squeeze out a post when ya don’t have one, I’ll use this opportunity to rant about this whole 200th post thing.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep track of how many posts I’ve done on a little piece of paper filled hash-marks.  Nope WordPress tells me how many I’ve done every time I ‘publish’ something.  That’s cool, cause sometimes I forget to put a hash-mark down on my special piece of paper I keep next to my key-board.

But now, WordPress is setting goals for me and providing a little sliding chart with my next goal [in this case 200] clearly visible, which I need to achieve.  But isn’t it good to have goals?  Hell no.  Not if you’re retired.  Damn, if you be retired, you’ve already hit the big goal; which was to no longer  have any goals.  I don’t like things to be forced upon me.  And that especially goes for societal ‘norms’ or expectations.   And I don’t like the subtle WordPress encouragement for me to continue in compulsive behavior, in this case blogging.

Anyway, sure glad I got that off my chest, and also snuck in a no-brainer post.  But since my Hallucinations are turning more into a drawing blog, I thought I’d let my art-work speak for me instead of words.

OK OK!  I know some of these drawings are a little “Questionable”.  But consider also, maybe you have a dirty mind and are seeing more than what’s really there.  I mean like, if you’re seein’ penises and vaginas instead of Zeppelin airships and yawning teddy-bears, well shame on you.  The guy in the picture (me) is bailing  from any such notion.

A fist coming out of a man’s crotch?  A metaphor maybe.  Or maybe, I  just got the anatomy all wrong.  But I got to admit, it’s pretty hard not to see dominoes going up someone’s kiester in the last one.  But it was originally drawn for my post “The Hershey Highway,”  which is definitely not my way. so those a really little chocolate bars.

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