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About These Drawings

The coolest thing about drawing is that you can save them in actual (not virtual) paper books, commonly known to us in the business as sketch pads, and open them when ya want to and look at them.   That’s sorta, in a metaphorical way, what I’m doing here.   I often like to draw small little sketches, and because I’m a cheap bastard, put them on one page to save money.  It’s also my way of whipping-out little ‘mini paintings’ I can crank out in 15 minutes.  The reason I keep any drawing to 15 minutes ( 17 minutes if I’m on a roll ) is I’m often times afflicted with  short term memory loss due to the medication I take nightly.  Which, by the way, is now totally legal and for sale in California.  Only bummer is: most cities and local municipalities have banned sales so ya have to drive down to havens of trash like the San Fernando Valley to score to purchase some.  It is “The Valley” which also happily, supplies us with all our pornographic needs.   Disgusting!  Thank God we have a moral leader in this country (which gets greater on a daily basis) who would never indulge in such filth.

One day I accidentally screwed-up and took a double dose of medicine (forgetfulness is one of its side affects – which is not necessarily a bad thing as more and more there’s more things that I’d like to forget than keep in the front of my mind).  Any way….I got this big flash!  What if I somehow tied together artistically all these separate drawings done on separate days to make one whole cohesive skater-brained composition?  Pretty wild.


So with the help of some cheap high school level art tricks I’ve been able to take ball-point pen and colored pencils to new heights.


This morning I was opening my e-mail, as I do every morning, to see if I got any comments on my blog. When I opened one from alan of tbaoo, instead of getting a cheery, upbeat bit about how wonderful my quirky drawings are, and what a great wit I am, I got a request for a guest post, featuring a drawing of what I thought he looked like, along with some commentary to match.

Well, drawing comes naturally to me. And commentary is a breeze. But making the two cohesive with some degree of sense to it all; that could be a problem. Also, I don’t do portraits. Doing likenesses is difficult, and I tend to shy away from all things difficult at this stage of life. But during a brief flash of lucidity, I thought, “Hey, I’ve never seen this guy (bloke) before in my life, and there’s no pictures of him on his blog. “No Problemo”.  And besides, if he wants me to do a likeness of what I think he looks like, then if it don’t really look like him, that’s his problem, and he better get to work on starting to look like my drawing.

Now,  I’ve been following tbaoo for well over a year, and I don’t really know much about alan (besides his first name). I know he lives in Australia, somewhere near the beach. But the whole place is just one big island, so that don’t help. He has some kind of mysterious job, that he alludes to, and even  goes to sometimes, or is in between. He does have good taste in music; seems fairly progressive; and supports our President Obama. So he’s not a total wanker. Then there’s his on-going story about Moony (a bloke) and his wild R-rated adventures (an alter-ego?).

Anyway, I don’t know why I drew him as being bald, maybe that’s the way he sounds to me from his blog. Strangely, when I read him, I don’t hear an accent of any kind. Must be all them lower case letters he uses, and his refusal to capitalize anything.

So there you have it and there it is. Pretty cool for old Hansi, to have now gone international. Be sure to check  tbaoo out. Hansi will be there too. Hopefully on the same day, but today for him is tomorrow for me, so if he posts his today, I won’t be able to post mine till tomorrow.  Evil date line

Now how’s that for for one big happy daisy-chain? Hey Alan, what’s buggering?

Crayola Saturday

I was going to write about a lot of stuff.  About how this blog started just about this time last year; how I’m following a lot more art/drawing bloggers and really diggin’ it; or maybe something political.  But I totally spaced on it all and have come up short.  But it is Crayola Friday, now renamed Crayola Saturday to avoid confusion, and I’m gonna talk drawing.

I’ve started to follow a lot more people who are posting their art on their blogs, and I’m lovin’ it.  For me, starting a blog was a godsend drawing-wise.  Not only did I now have an outlet for my artwork, but a reason to keep at it, and hone my draftsmanship skills.  I don’t consider myself an “Artist”, although I did major in Art in college during the late sixties, as did my wife.  For most of the time between college and now, the glorious land of retirement, I was more of a potter, than drawer.  In fact, when friends see my blog, their usual comment is, ” Oh, I didn’t know you could draw.”

From the late eighties till now, I was a part-time studio potter, throwing hand-made functional ware ( bowls, mugs, plates etc.) on my wheel out in the backyard, and selling the stuff at local craft shows.  I have a gas kiln, two electric kilns, a wheel, and garage filled with a shit-load of ceramic supplies (make my own glazes).  I stopped selling pottery soon after I discovered I could make time and a half working over-time at our local Juvenile Hall. Sell out?  I prefer: renting myself to the highest bidder.

Anyway, I’ve always drawn throughout my life.  And just today, my grandson was sitting down to draw something, when some of my recent drawings slipped out of the sketch pad I was letting him use.  After hurriedly trying to hide my raunchier stuff, he asked me when I stared drawing.  I told him I started right about his age, 8 years old, maybe earlier.  I told him about the joys of drawing, which he, and most kids, already know, and shared some of my experiences with art.

Got me to thinking about my drawing.  What the hell is it?  How would one describe it?  How would I describe it???

Well it is what it is.  One of my biggest influences, besides my usual medication, was Mad magazine and the art of some of it’s earliest illustrators: Bill Elder, Jack Davis, and Wallace Wood in particular.  You might call them cartoonists, but they were actually quite good comic book illustrators, and among the best of their times.  The other big influence was the Surrealist Movement, and Salvador Dali.

I don’t usually draw from life.  I’m not attempting to do serious art.  And everything you see stems from my rich fantasy life.  Maybe that’s why ya might just notice certain themes running through my work again and again.

Bottom line is, there is no bottom line!  I’m able to just do “art for art’s sake”  Nothing’s for sale.  Big difference from trying to sell pottery.  And to all those who may be doing something similar with their art and blogging, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.  [If  I’m following you, you better believe I like what you’re doing.]  And what’s really cool is,  all my drawings are out there for all to see.  Sorta like an On-line gallery.

If any of you out their in the Twilight Zone they call the Blog-O-Sphere are closet artists, get out a digital camera and post them puppies.  Don’t worry about what people may think.   I obviously don’t.


Just A Fantasy

OK…It’s true confession time, cause I’m gonna tell ya something about old Hansi that ya might not know.  Not only is he subject to an occasional hallucination, but he’s also given to entertaining fantasies.  You know, those momentary mind states when you live a pretend or imaginary life.  Nothing at all like crime fighting.  That’s more in the nightmare column.

The problem with fantasies is their transient and impermanent nature, which causes suffering when one attempts to hold onto or grasp them.  Kinda like the Buddhist term Samsara which is the cycle of birth, suffering and death.  But repeated endlessly in the mind:  Something triggers a thought, the thought is pleasant so one attempts to hold on to it.  It gives birth to a ‘world’ wherein one tries to find delight, then ends in suffering as the conditions change and the ‘death of the thought or ‘world’ ends.  Only to start all over again and repeat itself.

Here’s a song I wrote a number of years ago after have gone grocery shopping at an up-scale market.  It’s called “Just A fantasy”

I first saw her in line at the check out stand

Her purse was wide open, checkbook in hand.

As I stood there waitin’ in line

I started thinkin’ she was mighty fine.

MY mighty fine, My mighty fine.

I saw her last week at the dairy case

She had a box of diapers and some mayonaise.

As she reached up and picked out some cheese

Oh how I wished she was buyin’ it for my

Buy buyin’ it for me, buy buyin’ it for me.

Chorus:  She’s just a fantasy

A love that’ll never be

She’s just a fantasy

The girl in the check-out line.

As I looked at my list, saw I needed some milk

She wore old blue jeans and a blouse of silk.

I looked at her, she looked at me

I thought of things that could never be.

No never be, no never be

When I walked out the door, to the parking lot

Looked over my shoulder, gave her one last shot.

Saw her get in an old Cadillac, with a dog and kids in the back

Guess that was that,   Guess that was that.


There you have it, and there it is.  Has that ever happened to you?

One Two Three Four

I’ve posted four drawings that I did in a series, wherein I had about ten pages left in a sketch pad that I was committed to filling.  So the series comprised a countdown to the last page; each featuring the page number somehow in the piece. Pretty trippy, I know.  But ya gotta motivate yourself somehow when you’re trying to be creative, be it in art, writing, blogging or whatever.

I’ve decided to share some of  these, not in the countdown order in which they were done, but in reverse order, with the last one starting first.  Hey, that sounds almost mystical, and possibly metaphysical. Didn’t even Jesus say, “The Last shall be first, and the First shall be last”?

Here are some of the thoughts I had while looking at them.  Maybe you’ll have different thoughts.  So let’s get to some serious hallucinations.

Wow…I’ve finally made it. At last. I’m done.

Now all I have to do is take care of this one last thing. Then I’m free.

Do I really want to let go of this?? Hey, I’ve grown attached to this One.

It’s hard to let go. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll hang around for a while.

Don’t want it to fall over.

Hope it fits


Three Dog Night had a song in the 60’s, “One Is The Loneliest Number”.

No comment on the sappiness of the tune.

But Two does have a certain appeal to it.

Feels good.. Maybe something you’d even like to embrace.

Could be a little overwhelming, down right scary, but something that can be bent into submission.

But submission may be a tad bit too harsh. Maybe Two just needs to be tamed.


OK.. I gotta think about this one

(not to be confused with the One one).

Leave me alone; I’ll get it.

My butt hurts!




This pose is killin’ me.

If that guy can’t put it on paper in an hour…well to hell with him.

I’m gassie, where’s the bathroom?

That guy is so self absorbed in his “artwork.” Wonder if he’d notice if I just let a silent one loose? Ahhh..that’s much better.

Sorry, just had to throw in a little juvenile farting humor in. Can’t take all this stuff too seriously.

Do any of these drawing speak to you? If they do, yet me know what you’re smokin’ 🙂   Oh yeah…if you “click” on one of em, it gets bigger…magic.

Hansi turns 100

Well it’s milestone madness. I’m not a hundred years old, but sometimes I feel like it. Nope, this is my one hundredth post. Big deal, I know, but it still blows my mind that since late last November, I’ve cranked out 100 posts of shear bullshit, with drawings to match. This might just be a case of blowing my own horn, but I want the world to know of my achievements, and assure everybody that Hansi is still full of shit, and there’s more to come.

A little background whilst we are in such a celebratory mood. My son, Bad Deacon, had a few websites that always intrigued me. The most influential being Bad Deacon Design, which was a chronicle of his print making, and not only featured the wood print process, but also displayed his finished works along with drawings and commentary.

Like Dear Old Dad, my son was an Art Major in college also, but instead of going on to fight crime, he went to UC Berkeley and got an engineering degree. Something useful. I was always impressed, not only with his art work (print making being his preferred medium) but with how he did it, and how this enabled him to display his work in what amounted to be his own personal gallery. And if ya do art, ya want to show it, but not necessarily via galleries or craft shows.

So, last Thanksgiving, while home for a visit, the Bad One set me up with a freebie Word Press site, and showed me how he got his work on-line by using a digital camera and how to crop and edit the photos in Photoshop. Magic…Sure beat scribbling crayons on my computer screen (the only way that came to my mind).

So I thought “Cool, I”m drawing daily; trying to regain some old skills that had sat dormant for far too long; let’s give this a go”.  I’m gonna follow in my Son’s footsteps (Hey, ain’t it supposed to be the other way around?)  The rest is history, or at least in the Archives.

Here are a few of my favorite drawings that resulted from some good strong hallucinations. Thank you for partaking in them too.

Nerf gun




Sarah.  What does ‘blood libel’ mean?

TriPhoria the pleasure rocket

Had to throw that one in.  And while we’re at it,  I’ll close with this:

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