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Hey, I’m Back

B I 010

One of the coolest things I’ve done lately is quit my Hansi blog, and almost immediately, do basically the same thing on my Blithering Idiot blog.  It was like quitting something, but not really stop doin’ it.  Kinda like smoking.  I quit years ago, but still occasionally sneak a cigarette.  [I know, it’s a disgusting filthy habit,  bad for your health, and stinks to high heaven].  Knowing it’s destructive though, I only do it once in a great while – sure hits the spot.

Right now, I’m thinking of resuming my Hansi blog for things like music and social issues, and my Idiot blog for darker, more far-out stuff.  It would be like having two vehicles for my split personality, so I wouldn’t have big conflicts over who’s driving.  But that’s a little crazy, especially in the Blog-o-sphere, and would only result in a lot of confusion ( and a lot of work for me keepin’ track of two guys).

Perhaps I should condense my two blogs into one.  I could call it Blithering Hansi’s Idiotic Hallucinations; a running of the mouth and pen whist totally blithered.

That sound so ridiculous, I think I’m gonna do it.


Comments on: "Hey, I’m Back" (26)

  1. “Hansi’s” ought to suffice just fine. Glad you’re back.

  2. Hansi is a stable and complicated blend of…….oh Hell….I was gonna be clever but it is too early for cleverness….you write or draw….I read….chuq

  3. I think the new blog title is perfect. I love that you have a post entitled “The End of Hansi” followed by “I’m back” in a category called What a Wanker. Yep, it’s all coming together nicely.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Come on back! I never wanted you to leave in the first place.

  5. Whatever ever you do, I look forward to it.

  6. Thank goodness for that! I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Good to have you back, Russell.

  7. I used to worry about topics and blogs being focused. Now I just write what comes to mind, and figure people can sort it out. 🙂 welcome back.

  8. A man of two minds is not a good thing. Yes, combine.

  9. I’ve debated over two blogs but it is a lotta work and life should be made simple. One blog can be a plethora of many ideas and you can always categorize. I have myself as an author and Beatrice, who’s also me but a little different, doing our own thing on one blog. When I think about it, I could have multiple blogs for all the folk I think I am but I have a hard enough time keeping up with myself.

  10. Good to see you back!

  11. YAAAAYYYY The bonkersness returns!!!

  12. Missed the blitherings, great to see you’re back

  13. Coming back from after I have died has been becoming more difficult each time. Sooner or later I suppose the portal will close.

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