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The Food Channel

Blithering idiot 003

Right now, I’m watching the Food Channel’s “Chopped’ show while listening to Southern Culture On The Skids on earphones.  I figure, if I can’t smell what they’re cooking, I don’t wanna hear what they’re saying.  It’s not easy describing what this is like, watching TV, but with a totally different sound track.  Sure gives cause to a lot of unintended scenarios to evolve; especially if you’re a bit spaced-out.  I wonder if I’m the only one who does that (I doubt it).

Sometimes, the only way I can tolerate the ‘media’ is with the sound turned off and my eyes shut.  [Don’t wanna just turn the TV off – I might miss something].  Maybe the thing of it is: the fear of missing out on something really important.  And who wants to miss-out on anything important?  So, although I’m trying to keep away from as much ‘media’ as I can, I always keep one eye open to it…ust to stay grounded.  Don’t wanna miss-out.


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  1. I use to be a religious watcher of the Food network…that is until it became a home for nonsensical reality shows…..

  2. “It’s not easy describing what this is like, watching TV, but with a totally different sound track”

    Takes me back to the 70’s when I would go to discos and dance to “Jesus Christ, Superstar” while watching black & white Laurel and Hardy clips on big screens with no sound.

  3. Watching TV, listening to music and wring/drawing all at once is like trying to fart, burp and cough simultaneously! You, sir, are Batman!

  4. When I’m at my occasional day job I always watch TV with the sound turned off. Programming has changed over the years for the hours I normally work, but it was always fascinating trying to guess what was happening on the soap operas without hearing them. Now I have to guess who’s being interviewed by Katie. Best one of all is Jeopardy. If I don’t know the answer I have to try to lip-read the contestant who gets it correct.

  5. I think you’re only technically keeping track…It’s okay to tune out completely…age allows for people to decide that whole swaths of human culture are no longer of interest…lol

  6. yes, and love the drawing:)

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