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Wow….It’s 2021

Wow! It’s 2021. Doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Nothing has changed except the date on the calendar. The big date I’m waiting for is January 20th. Trump’ll be history and that’s when I’m counting the start of a new year.

Donald Trump has left the building folks. Kinda like when Elvis Presley fans were cryin’ for more and wouldn’t quit until it was announced that ‘Elvis has left the building’. Ain’t gonna happen folks; time to get back to reality. It was a great show these past four years. We got to watch nightly as the iconic showman turned himself into a raving lunatic trying to beat a dead horse to death. He’s checked out as far as Covid goes, and appears only interested into portraying himself as a victim of some elaborate conspiracy to keep him from what he rightly deserves: the chance to screw someone before they can screw him. And that’s exactly what the majority of Americans said in November: “Screw you”!

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