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Thou Shalt Not Covid

In our new world of Covid 19 there appears to be no end to the  shortages we’re facing.  There’s a shortage of masks and personal protective equipment.  Ventilators are in short supply, along with tests, and increasingly trained medical personnel, who are sadly falling victim to this hideous virus.  There is a shortage of toilet paper, and soon there will be a shortage of meat as packing houses are being closed due to employee infections.  There’s a shortage of patience, and a shortage of leadership.  But when I see local state houses inundated with armed protesters, demanding their ‘Right’ to assemble, jammed together mostly without wearing masks, but carrying huge assault-type weapons.  I know one thing, at least there’s no shortage of fucking idiots.

Comments on: "Thou Shalt Not Covid" (16)

  1. To paraphrase a patriot, their motto is “Give me liberty AND give me death.”

    Keep healthy!

  2. I suspect you’ll appreciate this:

  3. Heidi Salzmann said:

    How right you are! Your little sister always agrees with you.

  4. Nice to read you again….be well chuq

  5. Late to weigh in, but that means I got to read all those hysterical comments and admire the pricky picture! Greek satyr playwrights burn with envy from the afterlife. Isn’t it a shame that stupidity isn’t disabling?

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