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Link Farms

Recently in the news, was a story about how Department Store retailer J C Penney employed people to create Link Farms in order to raise their page ranking on Google. A link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. Although some link farms can be created by hand, most are created through automated programs and services. Hey business is business, and that gave me an idea…watch-out!

I’m an avid organic gardener. I grow all my own leaf lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, green beans garlic, snow peas, chard, parsley, basil and special medicine. And being an avid blogger, who is growing on some people, the thought of a link farm to increase my readership was intriguing.

I can’t to a ‘farm’ like the Big Guys do, but maybe a “link garden” would be right for me. But that would tie up too much of my time, not to mention the fights I’d get into with The Wife over computer time. I get three hours in the morning, from 5 am till around 8 when she gets up, (that’s sharing in her opinion). She plays spider solitaire about 5 hours a day, when not gossiping with friends via email. She feels that’s fair, because all I’m doing is spewing forth filthy bathroom humor, embarrassing her in front of the whole world with my blog antics. She thinks it’s time we consider buying another computer. That could be costly, but, solve a lot of problems. You know what? And it’s a great idea.  I think I know what I’ll get her for her birthday…..a deck of  cards.

Got side-tracked there. In reality, I can’t even do a link garden. But, I could do a link potted plant [no jokes about pot plants please]. And getting to the point, not to mention tying in link farming;  I have a new blog!!! It’s just a seedling, but being a good gardener, I’ve been watering it, fertilizing it with plenty of steer manure and boner meal (yep here’s plenty of double entendres in there. If one entendre is good, doubling it is even better.) It’s not your garden variety blog, but a raised bed of nonsense verse, limericks, song lyrics (with special treatment) and generally bad poetry. And…it’s illustrated.

So check it out at your own risk. You don’t have to be over 18 years old to enter, but having the Mind of a 12 year old would help. Most of my inspiration has come from bathroom walls, but only those found in 5 Star Hotels. It’s called The Blithering Idiot and that was my attempt a linking.   Enjoy 🙂

Take me serious?

You must be delirious.

Take me delirious?

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