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Phone Calls

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting a shit-load, and I’m talkin’ cargo container size (size does matter, or at least that’s what the bulk of my emails assure me) of  telephone solicitations lately.  Now a days, the majority of the calls we get, is someone wanting to sell us something.  And they always call at dinner time.

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Hell’s Bells.  I don’t wanna buy anything.  In fact, I wanna save money, or at least conserve it.  That’s why I thought I’d save a dollar a month on my phone bill, by no longer having an unlisted number.  Boy did I fuck-up with that one.  I had to have an unlisted number for thirty years when I was fighting crime at the Probation Department…  Didn’t want my name and number and address listed, in case  one of my probation clients decided that he was the one who was gonna make a home call this time.  So this is the first time Hansi, or as my clients called me, “Mr Hansi” (dumb shits) is in the phone book.

Well, sure as shit, I’m getting barraged with a ton of callers who sound like  former clients gone straight, and have now pursued a career in Tele-marketing.  Sure seems like Karma is coming around and biting me in the ass..

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