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This morning I was opening my e-mail, as I do every morning, to see if I got any comments on my blog. When I opened one from alan of tbaoo, instead of getting a cheery, upbeat bit about how wonderful my quirky drawings are, and what a great wit I am, I got a request for a guest post, featuring a drawing of what I thought he looked like, along with some commentary to match.

Well, drawing comes naturally to me. And commentary is a breeze. But making the two cohesive with some degree of sense to it all; that could be a problem. Also, I don’t do portraits. Doing likenesses is difficult, and I tend to shy away from all things difficult at this stage of life. But during a brief flash of lucidity, I thought, “Hey, I’ve never seen this guy (bloke) before in my life, and there’s no pictures of him on his blog. “No Problemo”.  And besides, if he wants me to do a likeness of what I think he looks like, then if it don’t really look like him, that’s his problem, and he better get to work on starting to look like my drawing.

Now,  I’ve been following tbaoo for well over a year, and I don’t really know much about alan (besides his first name). I know he lives in Australia, somewhere near the beach. But the whole place is just one big island, so that don’t help. He has some kind of mysterious job, that he alludes to, and even  goes to sometimes, or is in between. He does have good taste in music; seems fairly progressive; and supports our President Obama. So he’s not a total wanker. Then there’s his on-going story about Moony (a bloke) and his wild R-rated adventures (an alter-ego?).

Anyway, I don’t know why I drew him as being bald, maybe that’s the way he sounds to me from his blog. Strangely, when I read him, I don’t hear an accent of any kind. Must be all them lower case letters he uses, and his refusal to capitalize anything.

So there you have it and there it is. Pretty cool for old Hansi, to have now gone international. Be sure to check  tbaoo out. Hansi will be there too. Hopefully on the same day, but today for him is tomorrow for me, so if he posts his today, I won’t be able to post mine till tomorrow.  Evil date line

Now how’s that for for one big happy daisy-chain? Hey Alan, what’s buggering?

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