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Raise Taxes

That’s right…Raise taxes. And old Hansi didn’t screw-up with
spell-check and really mean Raise Texas…It’s Raise Taxes!!

I know a lot of my Republican friends are gonna start running for cover when I mention the “T” Word, but it’s gotta be done. You don’t get nothing for free and that goes for government services. Those pot-holes an’t gonna fill themselves; it costs money. Ya can’t keep the world’s largest prison population by just locking them up and throwing away the key. It’s gonna take bucks to keep bad guys off the street [to bad for every bad guy you take off the street, there’s two more to take his place].

I guess I’m on a rant, but damn. We gotta wake up and face the fact that nothing’s for free. In the good ol’ USofA we even go so far as to profit from everything that’s Not free. So..How we gonna do it? Everybody seems to want them services like Fire and Police protection (though I think the Police sometimes protect us too much). I sure want those Weights and Measurements folks making sure a gallon is a gallon and the Quickie-Mart’s not ripping me off. I wish Cal Trans was a little more active here in California, and Fish & Game stalking them streams in the Sierra’s weekly so I can have that real sportsman experience.

So we gotta Pay As You Go. That’s what I had to do all my life, but maybe I screwed up. We live in a consumer society, and in an economy that depends on us buying shit. Boy the old Stock Market sure took a dump when us consumers were spending a lot less discretionarily in 2009.

In California we’ve legalized gambling: the Lotto a few years back, and Indian Casinos are springing up daily. We almost legalized Pot (why not tax what everybody is doing anyway?). I gotta buy a license to fish. I gotta resister my car yearly. The only things that are free are illegal. And people don’t get taxed on illegal things because they are against the law, and the folks doing illegal things aren’t gonna be obeying tax laws. That would be too much of a burden on a major part of our population… When they are taking all the risks; hey!.. should they be taxed also? [kinda sounds like Wall Street].

So the only obvious conclusion one can draw from all this is: Make Everything Legal. If it’s legal you can tax it, and regulate it to death with fees and licenses. A real no-brainer for me. Look at Holland. They have legal prostitution ( the oldest business in the world). It’s safe, taxed to death, and everyone’s happy [ bunch of perverts over there in Europe]. Renting poontang here in the States is a risky business with no quality control whatsoever.

If you wanted to do a burglary, you’d have to apply first, and then be put on a list for available residential openings. Wanna do a 211 (armed robbery)? Better have a license first. “Doesn’t that mean: if your rob a liquor store without a license there could be penalties?” Hell no…….cause everything is legal, you’ll just have to apply for a permit of Non-Compliance; for which there will be a small fee. Government will be flush.

So. The answer is clear, at least to me. If ya wanna straighten out this whole financial mess, you gotta pay as you go..Or make everything legal.

If you got a better idea, let me know.

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