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Watching Superman


I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I watched The Adventures of Superman on TV.  Loved every cheezie, poorly acted episode; especially when Superman (portrayed by actor George Reeves who was no man of steel himself because he is thought to have committed suicide) jumped outta that tall building window and started to fly.

Well, I’ve taken to watching them again on ME-TV, the network that features old TV shows from the fifties and sixties.  Wow!  By today’s standards these half hour shows were a bunch of crap: low budget simple stories on cheap sets featuring B-list actors.  That was in 1952 – early television.  I was only five years old at the time and didn’t have a clue about television, cause our family didn’t get a TV set until 1955 or thereabouts ( a big boxie piece of furniture – a Packard Bell – that always “went on the fritz” and required a repair man to come over to the house and fix it on a regular basis, which made my Dad curse, “What a piece of crap!”.)  I saw all the episodes when they played as re-runs in the afternoons before the Mouseketeers came on.

What impressed me the most was not so much the actual episodes themselves, but the network and the demographic it was playing to.   Old TV shows playing to an older crowd trying to re-live their youth, interspersed with commercials for hearing aids, walk-in bathtubs and Kaiser Medicare ads.  After an hour of watching this nostalgic stuff, I couldn’t help but realize, “Wow…a bunch of geezers must be watching this crap”.  Sure glad I’m not one of them: some old fart sitting back in his recliner, mildly medicated, reliving his youth, blowing his mind in the present over that which blew his mind in the past, and wishing that he too could fly (and get it on with Lois Lane).

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Super Powers

Did you ever wish you had super powers like your favorite comic book hero?
I sure did! When I was little, I wished I could fly like Superman. That would have been soooo cool. That evolved into X-Ray vision when I was an adolescent. Guess that’s a universal wish for that age-group (seeing through women’s clothes). Anyway, they already have that now in the airports, and while causing quite a stir, is really disgusting in the majority of cases.

All the good powers have been taken. Just about everybody flies like Superman (Spider man has web-assist), or is super strong. There’s not much left that hasn’t already been taken. And to tell the truth, as I get older, going faster than a speeding bullet is way too fast for me; laying on the couch is as fast as I wanna go. More powerful than a locomotive? Wish my bladder was and prostrate not. I would like to leap a stair in a single bound….tall buildings better have elevators.

More than that, I can’t think of any superpowers I really need. I wish however, that I had an invisible shield to deflect bull-shit. And Jedi mind control to set those guys in Washington straight.

How about you? Any super power ya wish you had?

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