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Super Powers

Did you ever wish you had super powers like your favorite comic book hero?
I sure did! When I was little, I wished I could fly like Superman. That would have been soooo cool. That evolved into X-Ray vision when I was an adolescent. Guess that’s a universal wish for that age-group (seeing through women’s clothes). Anyway, they already have that now in the airports, and while causing quite a stir, is really disgusting in the majority of cases.

All the good powers have been taken. Just about everybody flies like Superman (Spider man has web-assist), or is super strong. There’s not much left that hasn’t already been taken. And to tell the truth, as I get older, going faster than a speeding bullet is way too fast for me; laying on the couch is as fast as I wanna go. More powerful than a locomotive? Wish my bladder was and prostrate not. I would like to leap a stair in a single bound….tall buildings better have elevators.

More than that, I can’t think of any superpowers I really need. I wish however, that I had an invisible shield to deflect bull-shit. And Jedi mind control to set those guys in Washington straight.

How about you? Any super power ya wish you had?

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