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Hansi’s State Of The Union Address

4-28-12 400

As is the custom in America wherein the President addresses Congress on the state of the Union (of united states), I too feel it necessary, being President and CEO of Hansi’s Hallucinations, to address the state of my blog.  First of all, I’m sure glad that over half of my audience doesn’t hate my ass as they do President Obama’s, and just can’t wait till they take over and begin to fuck things up.  Frankly, I don’t see how President Obama does it, and manages to stay so calm and act nice.  If that were me up there, I’d be subtly giving them all the finger ( pretending to remove something from my eye with my middle finger) or picking my nose and flicking a booger at those sitting on the right side of the aisle – those are the guys who just sit there and never applaud except when America is gonna bomb someone.

Well, 2014 was good for me….hope it was good for you.  I quit blogging for the second time, and also quit working part-time for my former employer in Probationland which I fondly (but not fondling) called ‘The House Of Pain’.  The break from both certainly hit the spot.  Guess I wanted as few obligations as possible.  Now I’m fully retired, and plan (or hope to hell) to never work again.  Don’t get me wrong, working in retirement was great, as long as ya made under the $15,000 Social Security limit.  But contrary to everything you read on Yahoo Finance, money isn’t everything, and I’ve found that one (or two if ya count The Wife) can live very comfortably with a simple healthy lifestyle.

In short, everything is beautiful, and I’m starting to feel groovy.

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