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Waiting for Saint Patrick

What the heck.  It’s Saint Patrick’s day today, and although I didn’t plan on posting today, The wife has Irish music blasting, green stuff all over the house, and a corned-beef brisket in the refrigerator.  So here’s some stuff I did on the Eve before Saint Paddy’s Day.

Now with Daylight savings going full blast, it doesn’t get dark here in Southern California till after 7:30 p.m.  So you don’t need the lights on till later (is that the savings part?).  But when it does get dark, ya gotta turn on the lights.  But again, if you’re really into a drawing, ya don’t want to get off your fat ass, just to turn on the lights; you could loose artist momentum.  So you just sit there in the dark and finish drawing.  Thing of it is, most of my stuff looks really good in the dark.

Finally!  We’re getting a good storm system through my half of California.   That means rain, and a good deep drink for the garden and fruit trees.  It’s about time; had zippo in January and February.

Dave Hole is an Australian blues guitar player, who is gaining in popularity here in the States after Chicago based Alligator Records signed him.  Dave is noted for his stratospheric guitar solos, and playing slide guitar with his ‘bottle-neck’ over the top of the guitar neck.  I was right up there in the stratosphere with him when I drew that one.

So Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to one and all!  Is 10 a.m. too early to slurp down a Guinness?

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