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Yea….Money. It’s what makes the world go round. Or is that Love that makes the world go around? Well this isn’t going to be a ‘How to make money on the Internet’ type of post. As far as I can tell, not many people are. Except those selling products on how to make money on the Internet through Blogging.

You can tell I’m not making a dime, and probably for good reason. No, this is about the two most classic rock songs about the subject. Mainly Barrett Strong’s version and Pink Floyd’s.  Barrett Strong released his song “Money” way back in 1960. Written by Berry Gordy of  Motown fame. It was a raw and desperate R&B rocker bout a guy who just needs money. The song became a standard, and was covered by The Kingsmen and even The Beatles. Pink Floyd’s version, well, was…… Pink Floyd. Who are having a profound effect on me now 🙂

Here in the United $tates, money is everything. And the people who are making money, are the ones selling information on how to make money to those in Barret Strong’s category. I was up early, and as sure as shit, there were Infomercials on cable, featuring just that. Usually it’s about real estate, and some geek in glasses, telling ya how you too can buy houses for no money, and make millions. I always ask myself, “If they’re making so damn much money, why are they now selling books about it instead of doing it themselves, and just saying ‘screw everyone else’.

So everybody is possessed with the notion, desire, greed, drive, lust to make money. Cause although “The best things in life are free, You can give em to the birds and bees. I need money.” Yep. We need money to achieve happiness. However, “money do get everything, it’s true. But what it do get, I can use. I need money”.

It’s the driving force in America. “Money, get a way; get a good job with good pay and you’re okay.” Simple as that. Why? Because “money, its a gas” We need to “grab that cash with both hands and make a stash”. The downfall is the obsession with money, and the need to protect this asset of happiness. So if you’re talking about MY money. “Get back. I’m alright Jack, keep your hands off of my stack.”

Well both of those songs said it well, and pretty much captured, some of our concepts of money. In case you’re not familiar with Barrett’s version, check it out on U tube ( Couldn’t link it.  Evil record companies).   And, FYI, this whole post was written while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Off The Moon “ album. You can U-tube that one yourself should you choose.

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