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Cashing In

Okay…I haven’t lost it and drawn all over my utility bill envelope like a total space cadet.  Nope.  The thing of it is: I don’t need that payment envelope from Southern California Edison (my electricity supplier) any more!   See, I don’t have to pay them.  They pay me!   Yep, $48 this month.  That’s cause, just like this blog, my house is an energy generating facility.

No shit!  That’s what my house officially is, according to Edison, ever since I had photo voltaic solar panels installed on my roof.  And because I generate more electricity than I use, they gotta pay me for what I put back into the grid.  Capitalism is sweet.  Having your electric company pay you is even sweeter.

Thanks to Arnold, our former Governor, the State of California and federal government paid for half of it, and recently mandated that any excess I generate I be paid for.   This is almost better than medical marijuana for those of us in the Golden State.

I’d tell ya more about it, but I gotta turn off my computer, it’s starting to get dark outside, and I don’t make no money at night.  This evening, the Wife and I are going to enjoy a candle-light dinner, and later I’ll be playing my guitar for entertainment.  In the dark of course.

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