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Snooki, rhymes with nookie. Enough said. I can end this post right here.   A haiku of trash. If you’ve just arrived on planet earth, you may be asking yourself who the hell is Snooki?; and depending on the evolution of your alien sex organs, may also be asking, “What is Nookie?” Well they’re one and the same.

Snooki is the 23 year old “reality” star of the MTV show Jersey Shore, a show which features a household of east coast slime balls, who are hornier than hell, and trying to get in each others pants on a weekly basis. Do they have jobs? Well yes, if you call getting layed employment [wait a minute, isn’t that the worlds oldest profession??]

Anyway, I don’t watch this shit, but did when in Germany last Fall. It was one of the only things on German TV that was in English, so I watched it, German over dubbing and all. Made me proud to be an American it did. The Germans export fine cars; America exports trash ( apparently to an eager market).

This gal is so popular now, that she even made the cover of The Rolling Stone magazine.The cover of which inspired my drawing for my Tri Phoria lets Review post.   She’s now on a rocket ship ride to stardom, and for what? Basically being a little tramp, with questionable moral standards.  Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy some wholesome ‘sleeze’ just as much as the next guy. But talent? Maybe in areas my old heart can no longer take.

Having a 30 year old daughter, who has a career and two children, I just wonder what’s gonna happen to old Snook-a-lacious when she’s 40 years old and fat. Well the cynical Probation Officer in me thinks: she’ll probably have been divorced at least twice, have a slew of kids (and misdemeanor convictions), and be on welfare. But maybe I’m misjudging her, and her 15 minutes of fame will stretch into something like 20 or 25 minutes of fame.

I just don’t get it. And I do wish her the best. And this whole post is not really about her specifically, but about the “latest sensations” that sweep through the media and entertainment worlds and capture our imaginations. Now the Japan crisis is worthy of our imagination, but scary; the Snookster, not so much .  I’d rather dwell upon Snooki/nookie than nuclear meltdowns.

So, what’s this latest sensation all about?  I guess old Muddy Waters said it best in his song “The Same Thing” I’ll let Muddy take it from here….

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