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I love kids art.  They are very expressive and just let it rip with no concern for composition, proportion, or any other  elements of art.  Plus, they’re usually having a lot of fun doing it and go through reams of paper cranking out everything from monsters to family portraits (sometimes not much of a difference).

Very young children like my three year old grandson Logan, lack the fine motor skills to really ‘draw” and scribble instead.  That’s because instead of using their fingers and wrists, their movement comes from the elbow, hence the jagged back and forth sharks-teeth look to their drawings.

Logan did the below drawing.  Grandpa touched it up a little bit in his own hallucinogenic version of photo-shop.  So this is the result of that joint combined effort.  I’m sure this is what he had on his mind when he did it.

“Good drawing Logan”.

Now the eight year old grandson Branden has the fine motor skills. And an ability to draw.  He’s also into sculpture.  He’s not quite ready for a block of marble, but he can sure crank out figures with paper , scissors, and crayons.  Logan got in on the action on this one too.  Two distinctive styles, again with some  influence from grandpa.

You can sure tell these kids got talent.  Maybe they’ll even follow in Granpa’s footsteps.  Welll…maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idiea.

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