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You know, sometimes ya get locked into a routine, and without really knowin’ it, find yourself living by the clock.  Dinner @ 5:30, watch the news @ 6:00, and then wait till 8:00 p.m. when all the good shows come on the TV.  Can’t wait for the next glamorous season of Dancing With the Stars.

I like routines, cause a good solid routine makes things predictable.  Not like End Of  The World predictable, or shit like that.  But just having a good idea about what’s gonna happen next. [I guess if I prayed more often on a regular basis, I’d have a pretty good idea of exactly when this year The End will occur].

Now, I’m not very good about making predictions, (actually I am good at making predictions, just not very accurate on what I predict, especially if it’s about something that may happen in the future; I got the past nailed down).  But it sure is nice to have a “heads-up” when something  bad may be coming your way, like the Housing Collapse or Wall Street crisis.  Stuff that can really have an impact on your life, like whats for dinner.

So if there’s a point to this post, it’s that I did these drawings 0ne night when I wanted to break out of my evening routine.  There may be a theme in there somewhere.  The first one, done in ink, was inspired by Madonna’s Super Bowl Half-time entrance: the Cleopatra being pulled on a sled by a bunch of buffed-out slaves (well paid extras in this case) thing.

Maybe the theme is: My Own Little World, where I’m content to be an Elf.  Tuned out, earphones on and rockin’; doing some pencil drawings.  The only thing scary in “my little world” is, should I use pencil or Ink?  Each is a technique unto itself.  Hey…I’ll do both!  That way I can mess around stylistically.

Anyway, breaking a routine once in a while can be fun.  Don’t want to do it too often though, cause then ya might forget what’s supposed to happen next.   Hmmm, wonder what’s for desert?

This has been so much fun spending an evening drawing,  having all my own ‘media’ in my own head, that I think I’ll do it again.  Perhaps on a regular basis.  Got the 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. slot open 🙂

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