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The American Dream (scream)

OK…We’re going back in the Hansi time machine and re-living some of the American Dream.  I’ve even gone into the vaults to dig out two drawings I did in college in 1969.  The late sixties were a hot bed of turmoil.  The Vietnam war was in full swing, feminism was on the rise, societal norms were being challenged, a new morality was taking shape, students were being shot on campus and old Hansi’s ass was about to graduate from school and get drafted.  

Well fuck that shit  Make Love, Not War.  I was sure questioning this whole American Dream business,  as were my peers.  It was an angry time.  FTA meant ‘fuck the army’;  later it meant ‘failure to appear’ when I took up fighting crime as a probation officer…Don’t even ask me about that metamorphosis.  And it was all being shown on TV.

Well, the 80’s rolled around, and guess what?  All us hippies totally sold-out and became yuppies.  The war was over (or more correctly we were in between wars) and the gettin’ was good.  Here’s a song I wrote in the 80’s when I took up playing in a garage band with a bunch of other 40 year old guys.  It’s called  “Living The American Dream”.  Up tempo, two chords.  If it sounds like anything else, the Talking heads “Life During Wartime” is close.

Another day, another dollar

Got to make as much money as I can

To buy a car, to buy a refrigerator

To buy a machine to open my cans.

Get up early, and work all night

Do it with all your might.

To please the Boss, to please my honey

Even so you can please my wife.

**Things are good, but they’re not what they seem,

**I’m tryin’ to be all that I can be.

**I got a great big house, a German car

**I’m living the American dream

I drive through traffic, and risk my life.

There goes another nut behind the wheel.

Get to the office, drink my coffee

Start to work on my next deal.

I rush through lunch, I’m not hungry.

Got to show the board my new plan.

I’m working hard, I’ll have plenty

I’m a 20th century man.


I play the market, I’m a shareholder

I got a five figure IRA plan

I’m buying a boat, take a trip to Europe

The kids will go to the best college they can.

I’m still a hippie, I’m still a liberal

But times call for a conservative stance.

I know there’s poor, I know there’s homeless

But all they need’s a second chance.


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