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Little Hansi Happy Faces

happy faces 018

When I was a kid, I could never figure out some of the trickier parts of the English language.  And when it came to grammar, I hated it!  Not only did we have to learn how to spell everything correctly (and a lot of other words too), we got tested on them weekly.  The hardest part was when ya had to diagram a sentence, and specify which were the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs (sounded close, but were totally different), prepositional phrases and a lot of other bullshit I swore I’d never use.  Thankfully I was proven right when the computer and Spell-check came along. Now I don’t knead to no how to spell, I got a machine to due it four me.

happy faces 019bAnyway, I drew these small drawings of happy faces so I could use them instead of the common colon right parenthesis   : ) that everyone else uses when they want people to know they’re only joking .  Hey…this is still an art blog in some still distant ways!  I’ll let you figure out if these are little – Hansi happy faces, or Little Hansi – happy faces.


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