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This post is being re-blogged from my other blog The Blithering Idiot.   I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing a lot of  ‘re-blogged’ posts, along with guest posts, on a lot of Blogs lately.  Pretty cool way of not having to come up with something new; just copy something old.  Or, better yet, have someone else do all that hard work for ya, and have a “guest” post something.  And there’s nothing better than being a guest on your own blog, even if he is a Blithering Idiot.

This is a little study I did on the drawing of hands.  Hands are difficult to draw well, but not really.  You just got to remember that it’s Five fingers, not four or six.  I think the thing about drawing hands , at least for me, is not really ‘looking’ when drawing them.  Drawing is all about looking and seeing, and if ya don’t look, you ain’t gonna see anything.

So I’m trying to draw hands with a little more skill.   Cause if you get hands and feet right, everything in between just sorta falls into place.  I guess my downfall is, I try and get boobs and butts right, and draw in hands as an afterthought.

I think we should all give The Blithering Idiot a big hand for the job he did on Hansi today.   For it was truly, a great hand job.

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