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Just A Fantasy

OK…It’s true confession time, cause I’m gonna tell ya something about old Hansi that ya might not know.  Not only is he subject to an occasional hallucination, but he’s also given to entertaining fantasies.  You know, those momentary mind states when you live a pretend or imaginary life.  Nothing at all like crime fighting.  That’s more in the nightmare column.

The problem with fantasies is their transient and impermanent nature, which causes suffering when one attempts to hold onto or grasp them.  Kinda like the Buddhist term Samsara which is the cycle of birth, suffering and death.  But repeated endlessly in the mind:  Something triggers a thought, the thought is pleasant so one attempts to hold on to it.  It gives birth to a ‘world’ wherein one tries to find delight, then ends in suffering as the conditions change and the ‘death of the thought or ‘world’ ends.  Only to start all over again and repeat itself.

Here’s a song I wrote a number of years ago after have gone grocery shopping at an up-scale market.  It’s called “Just A fantasy”

I first saw her in line at the check out stand

Her purse was wide open, checkbook in hand.

As I stood there waitin’ in line

I started thinkin’ she was mighty fine.

MY mighty fine, My mighty fine.

I saw her last week at the dairy case

She had a box of diapers and some mayonaise.

As she reached up and picked out some cheese

Oh how I wished she was buyin’ it for my

Buy buyin’ it for me, buy buyin’ it for me.

Chorus:  She’s just a fantasy

A love that’ll never be

She’s just a fantasy

The girl in the check-out line.

As I looked at my list, saw I needed some milk

She wore old blue jeans and a blouse of silk.

I looked at her, she looked at me

I thought of things that could never be.

No never be, no never be

When I walked out the door, to the parking lot

Looked over my shoulder, gave her one last shot.

Saw her get in an old Cadillac, with a dog and kids in the back

Guess that was that,   Guess that was that.


There you have it, and there it is.  Has that ever happened to you?

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