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And speaking of evolution, the old Blog-a-roo has certainly changed.  For the better?  Who knows?  Except in evolution, everything is suppossed to grow and get better.  And if ya don’t, you either get eaten up or die. So if one is evolving, they got to be getting better,  If that weren’t true, then we’d all be back in the slime.

And speaking of slime.  Now that Mitt Romney looks to have sewn up the GOP nomination for President, a real Slime-fest is about to begin.  I can’t wait, how bout you?

Anyway, back to personal growth (Not the new theme here).  I’m finally drawing more and writing less.  Sure hope the drawing is evolving and getting better.  But maybe, instead of evolving into a great artist, I”ve been created that way.  Sure wish that was true.  It’d make drawing a heck of a lot easier.

And speaking of whats easy.  It’s by far much easier not weighing myself down with such unanswerable questions.  It’s oh so much easier to look at a picture, rather than read a thousand words.

And speaking of words.  I’m done with the writing part of this post.  Below are some more pictures.  I call ’em “thousand-worders”.


I know!   I spelled “evolved” wrong in the first drawing.  Oh well, no Spell-check on the old drawing pad.  Damn, March 23rd was a good day for drawing but no for spellin’.

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